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  1. I LOVE it!!! - better than BP. Use it for 3 months to work!!!

    You must use this for 3-6 months to see results, but IT WORKS!!! I have had adult acne for 30 years. I used the Acne.org BP Regimen for 20 years, and it really saved me. But I recently discovered Adapalene 0.1% (3 months ago), and I PREFER IT! Main reasons: Does NOT bleach fabrics! Works as well as BP (for my moderate-to-severe adult acne). Less flaking compared to BP. I have almost zero flaking with this, with less moisturzer. Added bonus, it actually makes you
  2. This poll is for people for whom Salicylic Acid alone works well (ie, not in addition to other medicated ingredients such as BP, antibiotics, etc).
  3. lovely, please tell us what SA strength (%) you use.
  4. I am wondering this also. Has anybody wearing plastic eyeglass frames found that Benzoyl Peroxide did or did not cause discoloration or bleaching of the plastic? Eyeglasses are so expensive, so this would be very good to know to avoid ruining them... Please let me know.
  5. what are you talking about? shaving? get a shaving brush and use cream or shaving soap. and stop buying razor cartridges: get a double-edge safety razor. look it up--great, non-irritating shave, and SO CHEAP.
  6. i think the BP can be used expired. it is an *oxidant* already, so i doubt it's going to go bad after a few months. in fact, i imagine it's fine and just as effective a year or more past expiry. I usually buy a bunch of bottles at once. i'll have to see, but i bet some of them are expired, and they work fine.
  7. Hi Yankulov, I think you are absolutely correct about poor oral health affecting your acne. I have a good friend who, when he has a periodontal flare-up, also his skin seems to break out more. Everything in your body is connected, it is a system. I have also seen my acne almost go away as my gums have healed. Your gums can heal themselves, but you should get to work on that right away, because the bone loss is progressive. Be very gentle with your gums brushing or you can cause your gums to re