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  1. those side effects are fake, trust me.
  2. How long do your breakouts usually last? I have had these glob of zits on my left cheek for at least 3 months and they havent moved AT ALL. Is there any way to get rid of them? Do pimples usually stay on your guys faces this long? Is it normal?
  3. 2 words windwalker. Slap her and add another now. show her who's boss nobody should treat you like that
  4. Is there a surgury that can be done to remove acne??? AI just finished tane and a month after I have another breakout! how gay is that? Are there any physical removals of acne? I have mostly whiteheads and black heads
  5. Ive been reading the posts and I see baking soda and powder being used to help. Which one is it? Do both work? Ive heard they are real different from each other
  6. im positive not everybody feels that way, of course you need others. What is your life worth if you cant share it with others. You definately need others
  7. I am a christian, go to www.biblestudy.com and go to forums, you can get 100s of prayers for you. But i will pray for you tonight
  8. are you buying like the kind you find in a grocery store or is it in an acne product?