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  1. Your hormones WILL change as you age (I'm about 10 years older). I went on the pill at 17 and never had issues. I went off it in my 20's to have a baby. You can NOT take Spiro or Accutane (or most topicals) while trying to have a child. For me, it was just suffering it out. I had cystic acne and hated it. When I finally got pregnant my skin was gorgeous! Then after giving birth, it went back to cystic. I went back on the pill and it cleared up. I'm now on Ocella and spiro and I have completely c
  2. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Spiro has COMPLETELY cleared my skin. I never have breakouts anymore and could not be happier. Within two months I saw a major change but within a month I was drying. I would give it a couple months but I'm really hoping it works for all of you! I haven't been on here in a month but wanted to check on some friends
  3. Hope it's going well for you! Sorry it took me so long to respond.
  4. I just saw a woman I used to work with a few years ago and the first thing she said (after hello) was 'Your skin is flawless!' It totally made my day! After 10 years of it I never thought I'd hear someone say that again. I'm posting this to hope it encourages other people to try this and pray it works the same for them
  5. I am. I've been on Yasmin for a few years.
  6. I agree with the previous posts. While some people have no side effects with spiro I think most people have side effects from ongoing acne. I've seen what acne can do emotionally to a person and how it can change your personality. I think those effects should be seen just as serious as physical side effects and being taken into account.
  7. I've been on spiro about two months (100 mg a day) and it has saved my skin. I had mild acne with one pustule or so at a time and lots of comedones. My skin is now completely clear and has been so for about a month. Even during the weeks I normally break out, my skin will get one little blackhead. I haven't had a pustule since a few weeks into it. I'm so excited and happy about my results after suffering for 10 years with mild persistant acne. Just as some notes: I am not using any topicals be
  8. before spiro, was your acne mild, moderate, severe, etc? Mild but persistant (9 years) what was your initial spiro dosage? 100 mg, 50 in the am-50 in pm did you up it? No were you taking any other pills while on spiro? Been on yasmin for years were you using any topical creams while on spiro? No did you experience an initial breakout? No if so, when? did you experience any other good or bad side effects? skin is clearing, has to pee more at first how long did you take it for? still on it (one mo
  9. I know it reduced facial hair in women who have too much DHT. I've noticed no hair loss (although my scalp is dry) but I'm sure it could be a side effect. In theory, it should slow hair loss in men but reducing the DHT...
  10. That drug sounds pretty scary unless you have prostate cancer. It appears to reduce the DHT by shrinking the prostate (which is good if you have an enlarged prostate due to cancer) causing impotence, ejaculation disorder, and other issues in men. Women are not allowed to take it. Pregnant woman aren't even allowed to handle it and it can absorb through the skin causing birth defects. While too much can cause acne, excess hair in women, etc; We still need DHT in our bodies. Women and men with a
  11. I'd recommend trying another pill. I waited over a year for my hormones to 'regulate' off the pill and it never happened. Going on another pill was the only thing that helped for me (sorry). I get severe migraines (just stopped Topamax which broke me out like CRAZY) and found that Yasmin didn't make them worse but that's just me.
  12. That doesn't sound good...I'd talk to the doctor and see if you should get a blood test and if the dosage is right for you. I've been on 100 mg for over a month and have had slight fatigue at first but nothing like that. You don't want it causing serious issues
  13. When I TTC I just stopped taking the pill at the end of the month but you can stop when you want. Unfortunately, I found nothing that kept me from breaking out as soon as I stopped. We TTC for three month before getting pregnant and my skin went from clear to cystic in that time. Fortunately, after two months of being pregnant my skin cleared up and stayed clear through the pregnancy. After nursing my skin went back to how it was when I was TTC and I went on Yasmin. I don't mean to scare you but
  14. Nyxx, I hope things are going well for you! I've heard a lot of people on spiro and not on BC spot. I hope it goes away for you!