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  1. Does anyone use Retin A on there backs and have they had success with it?????????
  2. I have been on tetracycline and tetrionion for a few months now and my skin is completely smooth. If you were to run your fingers over it you wouldn't know i had acne. The problem is I have all these little red dots that are left over from the acne. Does anyone have any products or home remedies that they use to reduce this. I could wear makeup and have them all covered up but being an 18-year old male I don't think that will happen. Anyone had any like with aloe vera or hydrocortizone cream, bp
  3. some people have reactions to tetracycline. One of my friends on it would puke after taking the pill. Then there is a girl i knew who was on it for a year and had no problems. I have been on it for over a month and haven't had a whole lot of problems. A little stomach pain here and there and some light headness but nothing I can't handle. But afterall I am a distance runner and stomach pain and shitty feelings are just a normal routine. Good luck with it, it has helped my face out alot
  4. Yeah I have the exact same problem. I am on tretionion and tetracycline and it is working quite well. If you were to feel my face in the dark you would have no clue that I have acne. I have alot of red marks that are sticking around it hasn't been 8 months maybe a month or two but i haven't seen a whole lot of progress. I was wondering if there are any home remedies out there that people use like egg whites or anything? How about any over the counter scar treatments? or creams like aloe vera o
  5. Alright, my back got tons better, to the point where I would take my shirt off in P.E. but now i started track. I ran quite a bit before track and the problem wasn;'t too bad but the temp was above freezing. Now we are in some really cold temps. and the back looks llike crap. I have a meet in two weeks and I don't even want to put a jersey on. Do you find that the severe cold and dry air makes your acne alot worse??????? just want to hear your thoughts thanks everyone
  6. Alright I got some nasty cysts on my jawline and they hurt. This one I just got is about the size of a marble. What is in a cyst???? is it that same white puss that is in a zit or is it something solid???Also what can I do about them? I don't go to the derm becuase there isn't one around but I just go to a doctor. I am on tetracycline and a retin-A cream that is working GREAT on the little surface shit but these cysts they don't give up? I just want to bury a needle into them. Any suggestions???
  7. I am just wondering how long it takes an antibotic like tetracycline to take care of cysts. I have got several on my jaw line that hurt like a bitch at night and get rather big and have been on tetra for a little over a week. Anybody have any personal experience with this or advice of getting rid of these damn things!!
  8. better news, I got a little better but I don't know from what. Anyway yesturday I was reading through this site and found that hydrocortizone cream helps bring down cysts so I gave it a shot. I think it helped. Also I read that a humidfier in your room at night is good and I knew we had some in the basement stashed away so I was like what the hell might as well give it a try and it might have helped to. Also the tetracycline is probably working better. Anyway hopefully it continues to get better
  9. Are you on anything else while you are taking this???? such as a retin A cream?
  10. I am on tretionoin .05 and have been for about 7 weeks now. The first few weeks of treatment I got some pretty nice whiteheads. I got alot of them. then it calmed down a little and it got better. I got some cysts during the first 6 weeks so I went back to my doc and I got some tetracycline and now I am on that to. I got an intial breakout from that and am still trying to get over it. One thing about that tretionion is it dries your face to the point of flaking. I had to use mostirizer ALL THE TI
  11. I was wondering if anyone has problems with their acne while working out and if it causes it to flair up. Also does anyone have any good tips out there for preventing breakouts from workouts. My back broke out and I really have never had a problem with it. I think it is because I am running in the winter and it is cold so I wear a few layers and that is trapping in bacteria and such. Also I don't get alot of sunshine on it compared to when I run in the summer or spring and never wear a shirt. I
  12. I am taking the pills on an empty stomach (with water) and following all the time things. I take 3 of them a day as directed by my doctor. He said take 2 or 3 a day if I can work them into my eating schedule. I think that the tetracycline is helping now. There is some moist air here now that the temps have warmed up so I think that is helping to. I just can't wait until this stuff calms down. My back is broke out too but that is starting to go away also. Another thing is that I am a distance ru
  13. Alright, when I wake up in the morning my face looks great. For the first few hours of the day it is smooth and there are hardly any whiteheads or anything. There is still alot of redness but the overall complexation is decent. Then as the day goes on and I pop the tetra pills all of the sudden the whiteheads come and the redness comes back. It has been like this since the start of the tetra. Will it come to the point where I don' get the afternoon breakout. I am pleased with my complexation in
  14. this is my 3rd day on tetracycline and it still is getting worse. I am hoping that it is my old acne popping out. I got put on tetracycline because I had some cysts on my jawline. And since I have been on the tetra I have been getting some white heads on those cysts. I never had any white heads on them before but now I do almost every morning. I am hoping this is a good thing because it is bringing that shit to the surface and hopefully gettting rid of it. Anyone else have any of these experienc
  15. how long have you been on tetracycline?