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  1. Has anyone heard of the micro needle patch? Seems to be South Korean in origin. Would like to know if this is better solution to the roller because it is more hygienic and whatnot.
  2. Recently I had to discuss a refund ($3000+) with a clinic and I received it. I think it's VERY hard (for me it was!) but also very fair to ask for a refund, partial or full, that you may spend at their clinic but gives you the choice to come back or not (they offered to take care of it for free, but you can't go at the moment, so their agreement to do it for free is a good place to start with the refund - ask that for your own mental health that they refund you and give you the choice to come ba
  3. Thank you for saying that - somehow it does bring me some solace. So you're suggesting fraxel repair? That's a laser, correct? Unfortunately, I feel like I have PTSD from the invasive treatments I already had.
  4. This is a massive vent for me but if this helps anyone feel better about their life then I would feel less terrible because maybe my misery would serve some higher purpose. I had three micro needling and RF sessions at a clinic in Richmond, British Columbia. Now I have more scars than before because the doctor said to proceed even though it was causing breakouts. I would do almost anything things to get my original face back. Just know, this person had excellent reviews. I wish I had used that m
  5. What degree of improvement did you see? How would you rate the happiness you felt right after having your scars diminished? How does it affect your happiness months and/or years later? After looking back on the money, possible pain and recovery time, would you consider it important to your overall happiness?
  6. That's it? I would kill for your skin.
  7. Dr Henry Ngai did not care that I was severely breaking out as a result of microneedling and I have had a massive acne problem since I started the treatments last year. Three session, progressively worse cystic acne but he said to continue. Now on Accutane. I literally have more acne scars than before, which he admitted (easy to see in before and after photos). I've had to seek mental help as a result of his work. Your scars are barely noticeable compared to mine and I hope you all the best on y
  8. Dr Henry Ngai did not care that I was breaking out as a result of microneedling and I have had a massive acne problem for a year as a result. Now on Accutane. I literally have more acne scars than before, which he admitted. I've had to seek mental help as a result of his work.
  9. I am having an extremely difficult time accepting my acne scars. I breakdown regularly about it and I need some honest feedback because I may be building it up in my head, and I want to stop robbing myself of joy. I have some pictures here and I am just hoping to make it through this week as with all the holiday parties I am feeling especially self-conscious. This acne journey has stolen so much time and confidence from me that I will be seeing a counselor about it because I am not co
  10. I don't know for sure, there are much more expert people here but I see mostly boxcar and rolling. A few icepick scars that don't seem very noticeable to me. I have similar scarring and would be interested to here are others have to say.to here are others have to say.
  11. After Accutane I never had to worry about breakouts so I used Bio Oil and it was great. After a year my acne came back and now I use Hyaluronic Acid, which is also anti-aging. Highly recommend both, but they are opposite where one is an oil and the other is like a watery substance. I have to use the latter because of my acne-prone face, but you can decide.
  12. I don't have much to say except I've been using Everyday Minerals for years now and I rarely tell people about it, which is a shame because it is a great value. It has improved my acne, soaking up excess oil while it covers up my trouble areas. The best part it is super natural-looking You get a free sample kit to figure out your shade, so if you are male or female I would suggest this as an interim until your acne is cleared up.
  13. I am a returning Accutane user. This does not need much of an introduction; I know what it's like to have mild-moderate, yet extremely persistent acne. One thing works for a few months and then it's back to square one. Well, Accutane and birth control worked for over a year but those are both not options for me to continue due to certain health risk factors. Anyway, I want to relate my experience because having acne is bad, but being old enough with all the clear-faced friends and them
  14. Hello! For many reasons I would rather not go into, I can't take Accutane anymore after 2 successful months. I haven't had any negative side effects, only a wonderfully clear face and soft skin. I run out on the 21st, so I am wondering if I should continue taking the 60 ml a day or phase it out by taking 30 ml a day (since they are two 3 ml pills) and then pick it up with Vit A and zince supplements. I already take lots of supplements now, such as: Biotin Horsetail Milk Thistle Fish Oil w
  15. Accutane Log Four - I have a question After a mild breakout last week, my skin is back to being almost acne-free. I just have some nasty scars and indents I want to eventually take care of. I am probably going to have to stop taking Accutane because the constant doctor visits are very expensive, with the bloodwork and dermatologist appoints every month. I just moved to a new city for college, and I won't have the time/money to keep doing this on such a rigid schedule. The fact that the da