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  1. I'm about 4ish - 5 month into accutane and my face every day peels off and is dry. I put Vaseline on my face when I'm at home and it help a little, but my face always still peels off cause it's so dry. Will me washing my face every other day to stop the drying do anything bad to me, or am I just dumb. Also what are some things I can do to stop this peeling cause it hurts so much and I'm very self conscious about it.
  2. yea it could. It happens with me from time to time. I just tought myself not to care.
  3. I noticed a little hair loss about 1 month and a half in and it lasted for about two weeks. It wasn't noticeable to other people though.
  4. I feel exactly the same, but I still have a ways to go. I wake up every morning and question like my life. It's so weird, because I've never done it before.
  5. I drink from time to time, but not as much I guess. I haven't had any problems that I noticed.
  6. What I'm worried about though is that the thoughts might stay with me, because I've read stuff about the side effects being permanent.
  7. I'm in about 3 months and my back acne is still there and just starting to clear up sorta kinda, and my face is pretty much clear except for red marks and a pimple on my chin. My back still has a long way to go through my chest and neck too.
  8. Well it's probably just a really irritated pimple, because BP probably dried out your skin. Don't use BP just don't touch it all all really. Accutane will do it's thing
  9. I love it because it's the only acne medicine that I've taken that has been able to do anything for my acne at all. Even though it's been 3 months and it's only just starting to work. What I hate is I wake up every morning or whenever I wake up, because I take long naps after school if I'm not doing anything from being so tired. I feel like life isn't really worth living and like whats the point. I never use to be like this at all. I can deal with it I'm not going to tell my doctor and get take