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  1. wtf lol random ahahaha


  3. Hello back, my new friend Soul2quz.

  4. Indeed, aha. Regardless of a patients "choice" in the matter, it is of course a moreover rational service they have implemented for our own protection, and so that their information is not inadequate.
  5. I fail to comprehend the logicality within the context of your post, in correlation of what i have previously asserted. Lying about my consumption of the drug is both incoherent and not a requisite. Are you referring to the term "screwed"? Aww, isn't that cute. Im doomed, in your prerogative. How lovely. Who else is it going to be up to? I was merely asking for advice. Besides, i have successfully established an appointment with the Dermatologist to pursue a second course. It's only
  6. Indeed it is quite an amusing and ironic occurrence. I was highly apprehensive about whether he would even consider the possibility of a second course. Thank you, everyone else!
  7. How could he not? Where im from, every local GP, Hospital or Pharmacy possesses documentation recording precisely what medication a patient has utilized. It's all shared by an online network, therefore rendering the idea of deviating from what is truth, utterly powerless.
  8. I managed to persuade my gp to initiate a second course of Accutane! I am of course, prepared to be rejected by the new dermatologist. But right at this juncture, i actually don't care. It sounds ignorant, but whatever. I actually feel happy for once. I typed up a lengthy (slightly verbose) and comprehensive overview about my first course, what i have utilized in the past and the whole acne situation as a generalization. I showed him some pictures of what it was like before and after Accutane,
  9. I am completely aware that there are many other variables and contexts to consider, such as height, weight, age, severity etc. But as a generalization. What is the requisite amount of Accutane a dermatologist provides a patient, to which they consider will 'cure' the condition? Im 19. 9 and half stone, about 5'8/9. Before my first course, it was moderate. And has always been rather persistent. (5-6 new pustules, 2-3 cysts, nodules & small papules appearing each day). Thanks.
  10. Well hello my new friend tick.

  11. I finished Accutane almost 5 months ago now. The severity of my acne has gotten progressively worst over the duration of the past 2 months. I was prescribed to doxy only a week ago today, and my skin is already a lot clearer. Cysts have disappeared, previous pustules gone. I have been breaking out, but it's a lot more controlled & suppressed. I have noticed great improvement. However, i have been through the process of utilizing numerous different antibiotics, and the acne always reoccurs, a
  12. Hey! Great to see you're on your way to clear skin! What was the duration your skin was clear? Was it completely, perfectly flawless within that time? Did you have to plea to do a second course? Mine began to progressively return about two months ago. Two weeks ago i was receiving horrible cysts on my neck. I was prescribed to to doxy & retin-a and it's already improved. The cyts are gone, and the pustules smaller. But i know i'm going to end up rendering resistant. So im going to pl
  13. Thanks for adding me as a friend.