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  1. For the moisturizer, I swear by Jojoba Oil. And for the oiliness - before I discovered I was allergic to gluten, I would have to carry wipes around with me, to get the oil off my face. By 2 o'clock, my face would literally be dripping in oil - and that's no exaggeration. So, after switching my diet, my oil production normalized. This may or may not be what's causing your problem, but still, I recommend getting tested for certain allergies.
  2. So, around 8 months ago I went through some diet changes. As a result, my skin became nearly flawless, with the exception of a zit every month or so. However, over the last 2-3 weeks, my acne is starting to act up again. Now, my entire nose is covered in blackheads, and my face usually has 1-2 active zits, and 1-2 healing/"recovering" zits. I've noticed though, that I only get zits on my nose, or my right cheek - which I find kind of weird. I've done absolutely nothing to my diet, so I've been
  3. In my case, the Cetaphil moisturizer seemed to make my acne worse. Once I replaced it with Jojoba Oil, I noticed a reduction in my acne. I've never used the Cetaphil Bar though, but my entire family swears by Clean and Clear's Deep Cleaning Astringent. Also - I don't know if you've already tried this, but I recommend getting tested for certain allergies. For years I put up with cystic acne, until I found out that my undiagnosed gluten allergy was the cause of it.
  4. Acne works in mysterious ways. Kind of like God, or any other higher being one believes greatly in. Yes, I just compared acne to God. So this man is Job, and his hardships are the acne. The payoff, aka clear skin, is the Kingdom of Heaven. not to turn this into a theological debate but what about the people who get both? the ones with clear skin who also go to heaven or what about the ones who stop believing in god because their acne was so bad? do they go to hell? Well, I'm
  5. I used to always dress nicely when I'd go outside - and to a certain extent I think that it did boost my self confidence. However, now I'm pretty content with wearing pjs and hoodies for the rest of my life.
  6. last year, my face was completely clear. I thought I had finally won. Then, it just came back, worse than before....
  7. I'm on month 3 of my course of accutane, and while for the first 2 and a half months I didnt't even need to use a moisturizer to keep my skin from becoming dry and flakey, now my skin has become so dry, that it cracks and bleeds. I can barely even eat. I've tried cetaphil and other moisturizers to no avail - the only thing that seems to work is aquaphor, but when I go out in public I dont want to apply it to my face, because it makes my skin look incredibly greasy. Any moisturizer recommendatio
  8. I take 50 mg of zinc every night, which has really helped me with my scars - and preventing them. (And yes, I'm a picker/popper, *sigh*) As for healing it, I always apply manuka honey oil to all of my wounds, it helps a lot, although it does sting.
  9. I swear by manuka oil. That stuff works miracles, although it stings - really, really badly.