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  1. hey guys im on the regimen for a month today and my skin is clearer, but im still getting new breakouts. i assumed im doing everything right. but i may have uncovered a few minor details that may cause me to have acne, i dont know. like to hear your input. firstly i wash my face at about 11am. i know it says to go about 12hrs in between washing but i usualy do not. my face feels really dirty after i eat for some reason so i like to eat dinner and then do the regimen at about 7pm. so i go about
  2. hey guys. i thought i had mild acne compared to other pictures i have seen on here. i have been on the regimen a month tomarow and it probably is the best thing ive used in about 10 years of acne. my oil production seems down and thats great. my old acne is fading and alot of my skin is smooth. i feel good but not 100% confident. i keep geting new acne, this even isnt that bad because the bp makes the acne go away alot quicker. i just got a huge red bump on my chin. i was prety p'oed because i t
  3. hey. ive been on regimen for 3.5 weeks. my face is clearer. and old red spots are fading . but im still geting new breakouts, i had stopped for a while i knew it was too soon to be true. i thought new acne would stop before old spots started to fade but this isnt the case. i just find a few new red bumps every now and then. hoping they will stop soon. i have made some adjustments to my regimen. maybe you can look at it and tell me if i should go back . nothing major. my face started getting rea
  4. hi. i been on the regimen for about 2 weeks now. i dont want to jinx it but i thiink its going good so far. redness is down, not much flaking and i have few pimples. my question is about how long does your products last. i got the 16 oz treatment and have only been using it for 2 weeks i am up to two pumps once a day. i just started goin back to two times a day. but it seems like my treatment is half gone already and its only been two weeks. i thought this was supposed to last 3 or 4 months,.tha
  5. thanks for the advice guys. i only used the bp at night for the last couple nights and the redness is basicly totaly gone. im on the regimin for about a week now and am usisin one full pump. when should i start going back to two times a day. i feel like i proly could now. when did you guys go back, if you did go back to two times a day.
  6. thanks guys, i might try doing the bp only at night tomarow because i have plans and dont wana look realyy red. the thing is im worried it will not be as effective if i only do it once. i do have sensitive skin in my opinion so maybe it would help me, but im using dans moisterizer so i dont think thats a problem. idk im still prety positive its only been a short time, thanks guys
  7. new finding. i just put dans lotion on. about half a pump as well. now my face feels tight, kinda burning, and the redness is way up. i waited about 15 mins after puting bp on. this is funky lol
  8. thanks guys. i know im not using too much though, i use about half of a pump, which is recomended for starting. im prety sure im not starting to fast. and i kinda want to stay using the bp 2 times a day for the start. after a while if things are still red perhaps i will cut down. but one thing weird that i noticed is that the redness is alot less red to practiculy not red at all when i put it on at night. i literaly just put it on and it is not red at all really. yet this morning it was so red.
  9. hey im only on about day four of the regimene. i havent really noticed new acne since i started. my old acne is becoming smaller and less red, kinda fading. kinda disapearing about the same amount of time maybe alittle quicker then my acne normaly does. the dryness isnt that bad yet. my problem is the redness. im realy red sometimes. and i avoid my eye area like it says too soo you can kinda see the redness stop around my eyes. it kinda looks like im wearing a mask of red if you can picture it.
  10. hey i finaly got the products in the mail and i tried it out. i did the recomended amount of bp and moisturizer for starting the regimine. i have a little redness but i understand that. the thing im worried about is the moisterizer i think. i gentley rubed the moisterizer into my skin. but it kinda feels like i got a lot on my face. and kinda a little looks shiniy like i have to much on even though i used less then the amount recomended. is this normal? will you skin get used to the moisterizer
  11. hey i saw this section of the forums and i thought it be good to go on a rant and express my feelings. just to get it off my chest. im not necesarily looking for a reponse but feel free to comment if you in the same situation. things that upset me about my acne. i hate it when people with little or no acne tell me that its not as bad as it seems or im making a big deal about it. i know there supporting me and i appreciate it, but it just frustrates me when i hear this. even with just 3 or 4 pi
  12. i wrote down the top three recomended moisturizers for over the counter products. i had my mom get one while she was out. i recomended the aveeno sunblock lotion continuous protection spf 30. and i guess she got one close to that but not the exact same. she got aveeno active naturals daily moisturizing lotion with sunscreen spf15. it is real close but not the exact product recomended. i was just wondering if this would have any unrecomended aspects such as cloging pores. is this alright for the
  13. ok say you wash your face at 10am. then you decide to play basketball or somthing and your face gets sweaty.should you wash it again at like 12pm and then again at like 10pm. i heard that sweat should be washed off of your face as soon as possible to not clog pores. what is worse? washing your face 3 times in one day or leaving it sweaty for many hours. i never really needed a answer to this question until i learned not to wash my face more then 2 times. thank you
  14. hello. i am most likely going to be ordering the product on this site and trying the regimen. i have been given a bp cream and it has worked somewhat. still pimples form though and it gets frustrating waking up to a new pimple every morning or every other, makes me feel like whats the point. i took some adivice on here and got the feeling that i wasnt being as carefull as i thought washing my face. so i made some changes and i feel like i got some succes. so i will try your other advice. my ques
  15. i have bp 4% already from my doctor. it is creamy wash. should i use this as part of the regimen. will i feel it on my skin. i also got a pill and gentamicin sulfate cream usp 0.1% should i use these. thanks guys