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  1. So I've been on a week of 40mg as of today. Ahhh...feels like good ol' times. But THIS TIME dammit, i will not allow the skin rashes, split lips, and scabs, that I did last time. NO NO NO. this is what I told accutane me: hey accutane, I haven't seen you in a while. How ya been? accutane: oh, good. ya know, just helping people but hurting them at the same time.. me: Ya, you do do that. Hmm... How about you NOT be an ass to me this time? accutane: ok, but dont pick and dont forget to
  2. give it a little more time hun. It'll work. promise
  3. So not to discourage anyone, I still agree with my last post that accutane does work, but Iiiiiiii have to do it again. ugh. I figured it would happen. I knew that they were putting me on a low-dose to prevent side effects but my acne came back. So now I gotta do the full thing. Big bad prescription and all. At least I know what to expect this time... For first time users, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm BAAAAAAACCCCKKKK!
  4. So I thought I should come back and tell everyone (or the one person who might read this) about being post-accutane. IT IS FU**ING AMAZING. My skin has only gotten better. The red marks I had are fading, and I have not had a pimple since maybe the 4th month of my course (knock on wood). I went swimming yesterday for the first time in oh I dont know, probably around 5 years. Didn't think about my skin once. The only thing I am still weird about it eating greasy foods that have the potential to ge
  5. So I had a derm appointment yesterday to end my month 5. Now, I'm a little nervous to share this but I'm just going to be honest. So he checks me out, and he says, "Well I think we should stop now and not do the 6th month, your skin looks good, and I think your in remission." Great right? Should be great in theory, but I left the office and had like a full blown panic attack. I mean, I freaked the f*ck out. For some reason the thought of stopping early when I had been prepared for 6 months all t
  6. Hey just read your blog.I carried out alot of reasearch into Acne for the past teo years and what you are feeling is normal.Hang in there,smile, and just think this could just be a past chapter in your life soon

  7. doooood. on the note of someone noticing your red eyes- the other day I was talking to my friend and my lip split in half and started bleeding! ya. He totally called me out on it too.. DAMN YOU SIDE EFFECTS!
  8. So I leave to go to my sister's wedding today and I'm feeling a little anxious, ok a lot anxious. A freakin scar on my jawline has decided to be a weirdo and resurface into a scab.. so that's just great. PERFECT TIMING! That is another thing about accutane- if you think all is well and can relax, wait for it...you're probably wrong. Not to sound pessimistic, and don't get me wrong, the rest of my face looks good, but wtf is this shit with my scars always resurfacing!?? Go the hell away scars! M
  9. half way done! woot woot!! I'm stoked to be half way done, but it is the weirdest feeling because at the same time I'm afraid to be off it. I guess I'm afraid it wont work, which is a little silly because I know it is...I'm totally being paranoid, but it's hard when you feel like this is your last hope. What happens if it doesn't work? My sister's wedding is in a few weeks, in late March, I reeeeealllly hope my skin stays clear and looks good for it. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to pa
  10. Well. My skin looks good. Waiting for some scares to fade and it will be terrific. Yesterday I went on a date, and I wasn't even worried about my skin at all. Still, I hate first dates. There is nothing more awkward than a first date. And it went ok, I'm just not ready to date I don't think. Plus, I have another 3 months of this and I just would really rather get it all done with before I start dating someone new. I'm really happy I 'm not with my ex boyfriend during this time tho. I knew we wer
  11. hey love, I have never heard of anyone being on a retanoid and accutane at the same time. That sounds so horrible! I used retin-a last summer before doing accutane and it did WAY more damage to my skin than accutane ever has. It completely, for lack of a better word, "burnt" my skin off in some areas. I don't know what your derm told you but if I were you I would not want to be doing both those at the same time. I'm sure that's why your skin is so severely painful. I'm so so sorry that your goin
  12. We'll I'm pretty proud of myself. I didn't go to a superbowl party and drink yesterday. WOO. Go Taylor Go. Although I don't think drinking effects my skin, I do always get an eczema flare up on my arm. My face is pretty much the same. I never knew how much stuff was apparently begging to come out on my chin. It is a odd feeling when you can feel a zit or cyst under the skin for a while and then it finally surfaces. there is kinda a mix of emotions for me, because on one hand I'm happy and relie
  13. So. Things are getting better...I guess.. Some days it seems like it is getting worse, but I guess overall my skin is improving. I think the motto for accutane should be "every time you think it can't get worse, it will get worse, until you're exhausted and don't care anymore." at least that's how I feel. I knew going into this that it was going to be a mental challenge as well as physical, but this is really starting to wear on me. I'm tired of not knowing what I'm going to wake up to, and worr
  14. Hey there! I read your blog, and understand exactly how you feel. But hang in there. Clear skin is merely months away!

  15. I read your blog =) hang in there, you'll be just fine in another month or 2