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  1. Hi Dan, I have a big problem. It seems that the regimen is really starting to work for me, but there's one kind of big issue...I'm allergic to the benzoyl peroxide! My face is constantly unbearably dry and peeling and red, and my face is always so itchy, my skin just looks terrible, but the acne is starting to subside. Twice already since I've been on the regimen, I've experienced swollen eyes. I would really like to continue the regimen, but is there anyway i can stop this? Maybe if I use
  2. The Regimen has been doing wonders for my skin. It's getting more clear, less red, and less irratated. But i do have one problem; the skin around my eyes is excessively dry. Literally the skin around my entire eye, from my eyelids and skin under my eyebrow, to the corners of my eyes, to the bags underneath. They are almost always peeling and red and they hurt, it hurts to put makeup over it and it's flaky and dry and looks disgusting. I've been on the Regimen for maybe a month now or a litt