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  1. @Sirius Lee I am absolutely not here to advertise, I promise. I didn't realize links to outside sites weren't allowed; I've just lurked very sporadically for a decade. I'm only looking to verify whether the (now unnamed) site is actually run by BA, and if so, whether he's still seen as a relatively trustworthy resource before I send anyone any money. To be clear, I also don't blame the guy for trying to monetize and I'm not trying to shame him if that's all that's happened. I just want to know
  2. Hi, I've lurked and gathered information from this forum for years, and was in the process of using beautifulambition's extensive scar FAQ guide to put together a plan to address my own scarring. However, I just checked today, and that entire post is now gone. I heard on Reddit somewhere that beautifulambition is now offering his consultation services via an acne scar website, but I don't see that site mentioned anywhere on this forum, and when I've tried PMing beautifulambition, I get an error