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  1. I have tried eating a strict no dairy/no wheat/no sugar etc diet but i am unable to maintain the diet for more than a few weeks. Maybe i am not as strong as the rest of you but i can't see myself not ever eating those foods again, even if there are other good reasons to avoid them. Its bad that acne has taken away so many things from my life but now i'm expected to let it take away the foods i love too? I'm 27 and i think its about time i stopped letting acne control my life.
  2. i'm a guy but i think most chicks would find that kinda weird you plan on never taking your shirt off around any girls?
  3. maybe its the omega 3 that's breaking you out stop all supplements and fruit and see what happens then sometimes fruit sugar or citrus can be a problem for some people
  4. eat it some people say it helps if they apply it topically, some people say it makes them break out, for me it depends where i use it. on my body =ok, on my face=no thank you do not want
  5. Me too, i feel a lot better. Since i stopped obsessing over my skin about a week ago it has gotten a lot better. Every time i look in the mirror, which is about once or twice a day it seems like my skin is better than the last time i saw it. I think cutting out dairy and the zinc shampoo i'm using are helping too...
  6. And stop touching your face. My brother suggested this to me when he saw that i was stressing out about my skin. I have tried it for about a week now and though i have not completely cut it out it seems to help. I am happier and don't worry about how i look which makes me less self conscious and i think everyone around here could stand to be a little less self conscious. I haven't actually managed to go a full day without looking at myself but compared to when i would examine my face for 5 m
  7. Sorry rideontime, i simply do not believe that. Acne is never attractive. But there might be some truth to this thread, i am trying to get out of the habit of looking in the mirror so often, maybe that will help me stop thinking about it. Also i guess coming on this site doesn't really help does it?
  8. Tried it on my face and i'm pretty sure it made me break out cuz i usually get mild acne everywhere but when i put in on my face and neck only my face and neck broke out and the rest of my body stayed pretty much the same If this works are you going to rub piss on your face for the rest of your life?
  9. whatever, i can live without sugar i'd rather have clear skin and no sugar then the other way around plus its probably better for you in the long run
  10. sounds like PF i get the same thing sometimes the product you are using has sulfur in it (sulfacetamide) and that's probably whats helping to kill the fungus that causes PF i just bought some selsun blue, its got selenium sulfide 2.5% which is supposed to be really good for PF
  11. No clue, to be honest. I'd be more concerned with your junk food binge. i don't usually see any correlation between the binging and breakouts and its not really a binge, more like a large cheat meal. like today i had 2 sausage mcmuffins, plus 2 donuts and 3 cookies, plus 3 dried figs which finished off the package i bought. that's a pretty typical cheat meal for me, i do that once a week i will try to cut out the dried fruit and the cheat meal and see where that gets me
  12. So you're saying the dried fruit is probably the reason i'm still breaking out?
  13. I recently broke out with a few good sized inflamed spots in some very strange places (under my pec, on my ribs, lower spine, outer thighs) and after 3 weeks of no milk and 2 weeks of no dairy and 1 week of paleo i am wondering what could be causing this. I eat a lot of dried fruit like figs and dates and i was wondering if the sugar content of these could be making me break out because i can't think of any other reason why i would be breaking out randomly after my skin seemed to be improving s
  14. I think i actually have Pityrosporum Folliculitis and not acne. I saw some pictures and thats exactly what my skin looks like in certain places. They say you don't normally get it on your face but more on your chest and upper arms which are two problem areas for me so that's probably what it is. It makes sense that i would have this, i have taken antibiotics in the past and oral steroids which are known to make this problem worse. This is actually caused by a yeast and not bacteria, and it is
  15. I have regressed too, fapped 3x today. I woke up with a breakout and said "fuck it" I'm going to try again though, hopefully i can beat my old record of 3 weeks this time. Maybe it just takes longer...i hope