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  1. Started the OCM a few nights ago and love it. Why? Because I have a lot of blackheads on my nose & I want to see if this helps them improve. It certainly seems to be helping my face. Just like applying jojoba oil, I wake up with soft, even, dewy skin. I actually haven't gotten any new spots since starting this and the ones I already had seem to be healing well under the increased moisture. The oil mixture I'm using is about 30% castor oil, 30% Grapeseed Oil, 29% jojoba oil, and 1% peppermint
  2. zinc citrate on empty stomach for optimal absorption
  3. same kinda thing happened to me. first time i took 100mg - nothing. Few days later I took it again, took 200 mg & got the flush. Next time I took 200 mg, nothing. Took 300 mg & got the flush. Took it again & nothing. Took 400 mg & got the flush. Haven't done it since then, though that's not to say I won't. I've been inconsistent with taking it, but its weird to me that I have to up the dose each time to feel a flush...
  4. I didn't have an IB. Been taking it since Dec 13. So far, I don't see any change in my acne, although I haven't changed my diet or anything (not on anti-candida etc) which may be a factor. I take it for the health benefits though.
  5. idk, I feel like I've seen more guys with severe acne than ladies... always felt discouraged in high school b/c all the other girls seemed to have flawless skin... course we get to wear makeup to hide it... plus, women feel immense pressure to have flawless skin. I'm not a guy so I can't say it is less bothersome to them, but I do feel that in our culture, women have more to live up to in the looks department.
  6. Again I just want to say, I feel so good. I think the mood boosting qualities of colostrum affect me most when I mix it with almond milk and drink it like that. I am going to continue taking half my daily amount in capsule form, but seriously I almost feel like colostrum is a happy drug or something. Love it.
  7. I feel beeeeauuuutiiiiifuuuul!! I don't know if it is the colostrum or what, but I feel AMAZING. And I am thrilled with my face. It is incredibly MATTE!!!! It is soo smooth & silky. Can't say I haven't stopped getting spots completely, but about half the time I just feel something forming under my skin & it never appears, and when it does it is not as noticeable and goes away fairly quickly. I will have to post new pics sometime, maybe around February, b/c I looked so terrible in the
  8. Go to Mercola.com and search Soy. Won't touch the stuff.
  9. Might try a sweet potato instead if you get tired of all those carrots. I like to stir fry bite size pieces of it in coconut oil with lots of yummy spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, etc (basically pumpkin pie spice). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  10. I believe the only weight gain you would see would be in muscle. If you are trying to lose muscle, then maybe don't take it... You might read this: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/4...ain.html?cat=69 From what I've gathered, it seems to help you balance out... I think this has been brought up in this post a while back.
  11. "As babies we didnt have food so the colostrum passed through unharmed. " :eh: Not even close. Just forget it.
  12. Well, it is a liquid oil... It should be somewhat thicker than water. It seems to work best on damp skin. I apply it in the shower to a moistened face (from steam) and blot off any excess with a clean towel.
  13. uhm... I feel like your argument/statement doesn't offer any explanation or help. I feel like it is off target... of course colostrum isn't just milk!... and "Cows, or ’Bovine’ Colostrum is virtually identical to that of humans and, in fact, contains a higher percentage of some of the more beneficial peptides, making colostrum a great health benefit that humans can derive from cows ". So, are you saying that bovine colostrum isn't as "tough" as human colostrum? Do you have a source I can check
  14. Was searching about empty stomach and found this: EDIT: (according to this site) i also found that iced water (not icewater) is good. Because the digestive process of the stomach is done at 37C so colder temperature stops this process. Also sugar already starts the system when tasted in the mouth. It locks the stomach for a few hours to break down the sugar. So take it on a empty stomach! Dont eat ANYTHING before. And drink it with (cold/iced/filtered) water. Thanks for the info j