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  1. I guess you can tan to blend them in, I mean if you want them to last longer then usual... a season or two of them hiding but they'll last even longer then.. I suggest not tanning but I guess use a lot of spf to be safe.
  2. It doesn't haunt me... but I have stupid dreams where I'm washing my face and putting the norm afterwards... I wake up thinking "what a lame dream"..
  3. In a lot of relationships, appearance isn't everything.. or is anything at all. Find someone who you click with, but to find someone you gotta put yourself out there and find opportunities.. you can't just sit at home..
  4. Yeah, I even went so far as to tinting my lexus cause I didn't want to see my red marks. I always go out with girls during the night and never during the day when the suns bright and shining. Also the side of the face that's best, I tend to let people stand on that side too. When we think about it, it's quite ridiculous what acne does to us.. kind of funny when I think about it.
  5. I feel ya bro, hate that shit.. but be glad it's not on your face Honestly to me backne and butt acne aren't nearly as bad as like nose acne... word
  6. I don't think any red mark is permanent but there are factors and the degree of depth the red mark which can last a while or may not, but there's no such thing as a permanent red mark.
  7. That's surprising, for most people red marks look a lot better in the morning and worst at night. Try not taking doxycycline for a night, or a couple nights and see what happens. I sleep with my face on my pillow and my red marks are a hell of a lot better in the morning, actually in the morning I don't have red marks, it's when I got hot/sweat/stressed that it actually comes out.
  8. I use Aloe Vera + Cetaphil Moisturizer and it's the best thing for my skin. Without it, I break out and my skin feels very dry, then oily. I recommended it to a close friend and his acne went away, he was forever thankful to me. It doesn't hurt to try, both very mild moisturizers that won't clog pores. I generously use it every night, I dont use bp or anything else, and wash my face with Philosophy facial wash... and I don't get acne anymore. ~ give it a try
  9. I recommend Aloe Vera with some Moisturizer, works like a charm for those big pimples that scab over. Heals my pigmentation and pimple in around 3 days, which is suhweeeeet...
  10. You can buy a good quality homemade glycolic peel for around $20 online... Just follow instructions and be smart about it, don't be stupid and it'll be just as effective as a dermatologist.
  11. I recommend aloe vera and cetaphil moisturizer for redness, works for me.
  12. Yeah, that happened to me too! I'm so glad I found out before I got any major scarring. I drink soymilk and no cheese, or dairy anymore.
  13. I feel great, I have mild acne.. and it doesn't bother me at all.. the weather sucks though..
  14. Get rid of the active acne before treating the red marks. I use to have acne, now only redmarks. What got rid of my acne was Vitamin A daily, Aloe Vera + Cetaphil Mix after washing my face at night, and this protective cream during the day with SPF 30. Find what works for you but I don't recommend treating the redmarks while there is still active acne present.