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  1. So I haven't updated since April 20th, two months ago, but I'm on what is scheduled to be my last month on Accutane-July being the "still in the system month". My skin is so soft and my back is completely clear along with my forehead and chin. My right cheek has one zit that is healing, while my stubborn left cheek still needs the three weeks left on the pill. Overall, the side effects have been minimal-dryness especially on my lips has been an issue, quite annoying and embarrassing sometimes
  2. So I'm two weeks away from being on the Tane for 4 months! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! So I went home over Easter break and my mom said my skin is a 75% improvement! I'm really excited with the results so far..I guess since I see my skin everyday I'm a little critical. Well my forehead is clear minus one little zit that's going away now. My left cheek is a little pimply, but they're getting better too. It's just annoying cause I want clear skin so badly, and I know it's going
  3. TheLight09

    Almost 2 months

    So I got bumped up to 2 30mg pills of claravis a day-so 60mg for you math-challenged per day. Basically my lips are ALWAYS dry and cracking, and recently the sides of mouth are cracked and awful looking..I get nosebleeds almost every day, not like gushing ones but blood comes out. My skin is really soft, especially after I wash it with Cetaphil Gentle Cleaner, both on my face and back (back with the bar though) And especially on my back scrubbing helps alot. My back is improving. Since I
  4. TheLight09


    I can't believe one month has gone by already, it seems like it flew. I've only had a few sips of alcohol and I really only miss beer alot haha. So my lips are dry alot and crusty, but I use vaseline on them and that seems to be the only thing that works the fastest and longest. My skin is a little dry, but nothing terrible. I'm going up to two 30mg pills per day, so that may increase the drying, but hey I want to kick this thing! So my skin is soo much softer and easier to moisturize
  5. TheLight09

    Day 24

    Soo haven't posted in a while, but alot has been happening! I've been getting so many compliments about how good my skin is looking, and how much less red it is! I'm on Day 24, and I'm seeing really good results. My forehead has been clear for a week and really smooth, my right cheek has no zits and is really smooth, my left cheek has about 4 zits on it but they're going away too. I am really pleased with my results, and know its just going to keep getting better. My back is also clearing up too
  6. TheLight09

    Day 15

    Halfway to the month mark-AHH! I can't believe I'm going to be on this for a month on March 8th..it's crazy to think about, and really exciting. So I woke up today with really dry lips, even though I coated them with Aquaphor last night..They continually got dryer as the day wore on and I kept licking them which made it worse... Also, on a super awesome fun note, I had my first NOSEBLEED! Wooot. I was walking across campus and came across my friend and I saw blood on my earphones nad I'm l
  7. TheLight09

    Day 14

    Soo I woke up again with no whiteheads and minimal dryness, except my lips which are dry, I just keep forgetting to put on the Aquaphor before bed..woops. Also my hair is noticably less greasy, like I didn't shower yesterday and you can't even tell, woot! So onto my skin-My right cheek is reallly smooth and almost clear, except a little redness. I had an IB on my right cheek about day 7 or 8, but it cleared up really quickly. That's also something I'm noticing, all my old zit/red marks are g
  8. TheLight09

    Day 12

    So I missed a few days, but really I have been waking up with little to no whiteheads, and usually they are on my chin cause I touched it alot. I have some pimples on my left week and redness, but my right cheek is almost clear..I had an initial breakout there last week but nothing really since. Also my left cheek had the initial breakout with painful actives and all but thats clearing up as well..I don't know. My skin is soo smooth too, its really weird. But I know I have a loong way to go.
  9. Wow cool haha. Hm I had somewhat of an IB but it went away..like I don't understand, my skin isn't even that bad right now on Accutane, I'm even getting compliments on Day 12 that it looks better..I'm really confused. But are you going up to 60mg next visit, cause I think that's what I'm going, like 2 30mg pills a day.Do you have pictures too?
  10. TheLight09

    Day 7

    Oh cool haha! I have dryer lips and skin..and my skin is peeling. But I'm probably not moisturizing enough lol. I'll follow your progress, lets kick this thing huh?
  11. TheLight09

    Day 7

    Missed a day-woops. Well I woke up today with three plus whiteheads on my left cheek, and one on my forehead. I almost saw them lurking beneath the surface last night and foresaw their arrival this morning. So I had to pop them in order to look somewhat presentable for lunch w. my friends..I know thats bad, but I really can't let myself leave like that..how else am I supposed to handle it? I'm taking my 7th pill tonight, and I really haven't experienced tremendous drying yet, which is good I
  12. TheLight09

    Day 5

    So I woke up today with only one whitehead and my face was actually less red-I think it was because I scrubbed my face with the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser like some people said we should do-against our derm's wishes of course! Well the dryness is definitely starting to kick in-my lips are getting chapped and dry, but I'm using the aquaphor to combat that. My face is alot dryer than usual too, so I'm going to have to start moisturizing at night. I was self-conscious at class today cause I tho
  13. TheLight09

    Day 4

    So I woke up today with three new whiteheads-progress I suppose. Also, my face was redder than usual. I can def see a change, and the Accutane working. Haven't really experienced the dryness yet, except my lips they are dryer than usual. Will post pictures tomorrow of what I woke up to. Keep forgetting to bring the pill to dinner..must remember!
  14. TheLight09

    Day three

    So I woke up this morning..not feeling like p-diddy, sadly. But my skin was less "nice" as other people have put it. I had a new whitehead, which I haven't had in about 3 weeks. I also was breaking out a little on my chin, and have some bumps on my forehead that are new. So I'm quessing that's the Accutane working. I took the pill at dinner again, and I feel fine, besides the usual tiredness following an epic snow day, woot! I am a little upset today about not being able to drink..its li