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  1. Alright, i've looked over the ingredients thoroughly and checked it against the ingredients from the old formula (I recorded them off of the last box of the old stuff that I had), and there are just two subtle differences. First, the second and third ingredients have switched (glycerin now 2, isohexadecane now 3). The second is a new ingredient not found in the old formula... "triethoxycaprylylsilane", which is listed towards the bottom. I doubt that either of these changes will matter at all
  2. Hey... hopefully this is the message everyone's waiting for.. It's back. And just as Dan said, it's got a little green label in the top left that says "Classic Gentle Formula". I think it's the real deal (SPF 15, 6.0% Octinoxate, 3.0% Zinc Oxide). Found it at Target today (in Minnesota).
  3. Thanks for your response... anyone else? I'm just struggling to find the right cleanser. Gah. I can't tell if it's an ingredient in Purpose and Cetaphil ( a detergent ) that is clogging my pores or that they're just not tough enough to remove all the oil. And of course this question is just too specific to bring up to a derm.. how would they know. I guess i was hoping maybe someone else had a similar experience.
  4. Interesting... thanks for posting However, I don't think everyone will find that each of these is taboo. Couple examples: Personally, last summer i went to walmart at wits end and picked up a clearasil for sensitive skin. Didn't look at ingredients, just went with instinct. Cleared me up 95% and kept me that way for almost a year (until a combination of things happened and i broke out with cysts). It had steric acid, lauric acid, and myristic acid as the 3,4,5 ingredients. No pore cloggin
  5. Something you could try... Tanning will darken the skin around the red marks, giving your skin a more even-colored appearance... try 'spot treating' the marks (if there aren't too many) with a sunscreen before going out into the sun. This could prevent the UV rays from promoting the excess melanin production in the red marks themselves but could darken the surrounding skin.
  6. Basic question: If 'soaps' are so bad, why do so many people recommend the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar? I REALLY want to try this because the Purpose Gentle Cleanser doesn't seem to be cutting it for my very oily skin (for the record, the cetaphil gave me some clogged pores as well). I want something to thoroughly clean without irritating (no scrubs or acne meds). What i'm getting at is this... can anyone advocate the use of this soap over the cleanser? Is this gentle soap really that har
  7. Hi guys, New here, but not new to the troubled skin club. Every winter it seems as though my usual lotion loses power and I get very dry and tight (yet still quite oily) skin. My regimen hasn't changed (clearasil stayclear sensitive wash 2x day with very little bp and lotion to follow..), yet recently in the change of season my skin has gotten to the point of being too dry. Used to use Olay complete sensitive, but since the formulation change, the generics have proven useless. I'm 23 ma
  8. One thing to note... approx. 1 in 5 people are allergic to neosporin. It is safe to use for a short period only, as one of the above repliers mentioned the resistance potential. Some people use to on recently drained pustules, which is fine, but don't use it for too many consecutive applications, as it actually slows wound healing.