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  1. Thank you SO much for your sweet encouragement in my gallery. It took a lot of courage to post those pics, but your kindness made it worth it!

  2. @Sooroo10: You are so right. Thank you for that huge refresher; pausing to reflect on our blessings and being positive do wonders for the mood! And they totally help the stress, too, I'm sure of it. Thanks! And hey, you hang in there too! We can tough this out.
  3. lol oh ok, because I give a sh*t about your reading pleasure. Cute joke. tl;dr Haha are you for real? tl;dr............jk ok i scimmed it only cause ur response to me was funny, im sure ur beautiful and everthing will be perfect in no time and im sure everyone loves you and all that good stuff. happy now? tl;dr Haha I was laughing by the second tl;dr so it's all good. Even though that's sarcasm, I still appreciate it. (;
  4. lol oh ok, because I give a sh*t about your reading pleasure. Cute joke. tl;dr Haha are you for real?
  5. lol oh ok, because I give a sh*t about your reading pleasure. Cute joke.
  6. @possiblyHopeful: That is some good news I hear! I like your idea about testing the oil conditions. I was totally thinking of doing that on my own. I'm on my last teeny lil sample bottle of Epiduo, so when that runs out I think I'll just cleanse and see what happens. Giant monster business meeting pimple has lost some attendees... I think it's gone down to the size of a slightly-larger-than-normal pimple, which is good. @abigail210: For sure!! Attitude is everything. I'm glad you're feeling
  7. Hi cutie, stay positive!! You are beautiful.

  8. @Yeards: lol, I went to the gym the other day with a friend of mine who has absolutely FLAWLESS skin. In all of her pubescence she got like 2 zits by her nose. ...When I go to the gym I don't wear make-up. It's all about wearing blinders... ha. Also, totally posted in your thread. Go peek. @blackkchoco: Oh my God, our stories are so similar. I'm so sorry jojoba oil broke you out, and I'm so sorry that you have to go through what I did. Honestly, if you can't get the makeup right, just go withou
  9. I saw your pic too. Seriously, I saw absolutely nothing to be scared of/feel bad about. lol I think what that means, though, is that you have lingering negative feelings from what you may have used to look like. Be careful with these. Throw them out. You have no need for them anymore. Here's my take: if she's gone cold like that, then she's obviously not worth your time. The explanation is as simple as that. She's just not the right one. Pick up and move on. (And like CursedSoul said, at 18 mos
  10. @LikeRaindrops: Unfortunately I can't go too light or I look gray/washed out. Likewise, if I go too dark/warm I go orange. And the worst is when I apply the foundation and it looks fantastic at first, but then oxidizes to a beautiful Oompa Loompa bronze. lol That's actually a great suggestion as I was thinking of getting a good translucent powder. Or I know Physician's Formula has a nice "correcting" powder I might just use and throw the foundation idea out the window. Hell, it'd be way easier.
  11. Before I say anything I'd like to thank each one of you for not only reading my mess of feelings but taking time to respond to it. I really am grateful. Usually what happens is I'll have a LONG streak of feeling great/ok/acceptable and then I'll hit a low, whine and moan and cry a lil, and then bounce back up, cuz apparently I'm a crazy person like that. But anyway. Now I will respond to you all separately! @dianabol: I hope that one day we will all be able to smile at our reflections. Remember
  12. User117511

    - thick, so great coverage - little goes a long way - multi-purpose (undereye bags, anyone?) - nice sturdy package & good purse pocket size - a little pricey - broke me out (only a little, but everyone's skin reacts differently; listen to your gut on this one) Fantastic, fantastic coverage. Thick and reportedly "industrial strength." While this is awesome for covering up, this is not good for your actual skin. I won't say terrible, really-- it shouldn't give yo
  13. I guess I'm just tired of it, really. I'm-- ok, I have to stop this pityfest to point out that I am typing said pityfest next to a bunch of really happy-looking smilies and I can't help but laugh a little. Keeps my mood at least a little buoyant. (It totally has to be on purpose. I will accept no other explanation.) All I smell. Is BP right now. That's all I f*cking smell. And my face hurts because it's irritated and a little itchy, but I don't want to touch it even just to scratch because I'v
  14. I liked it. I thought it was cute. :/ (Haters to the left! lol)