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  1. If we all lived on farms, there would be alot. A whole farm community, haha. Sometimes people are silly

    1. Lol the corn thing! And we don't ride in covered wagons, and we also have electricity. Has anyone ever asked you that? We are a rarity on this site I've noticed!

      1. Whoo! Another fellow Nebraskan!

        1. what do you mean by PIH and true scars?? I dont really know all of the terminology lol...but i will say I had minimal scarring pre accutane and now i have much more indented scaring and red spots that hopefully will fade
        2. thanks! Im just kinda pissed now cus I suddenly have like 5 pimples...boooo!
        3. just took my last pill today, and I thought I would tell people who are considering accutane my side of the story. So, I went into this with moderate but persistent acne. I had tried everything imaginable. So finally, the doctor gave me accutane. I went a total of 6 months, the first two months I took 40 mg (once a day), then the 3rd, 4th and 5th 40mg (twice a day) and the last month 40mg (once every other day). Around the end of the first month I had the IB, which was HORRIBLE! I had never
        4. Sun-In does work, but dont go crazy with it it will dry out your hair like no other, so if you do use it make sure to spray some sort of hair moisturizer on your hair
        5. Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted! So, my question is when I got put on accutane I was told I would be on it for 5 months. For the first three I was taking 40 mg once a day then for the last 2 I was put on 40 mg twice a day. Around the 4th month I was basically clear but I randomly got tons of stubborn blackheads on my cheeks (never had them there before only on my nose, which went away fast on the treatment) Sooo since they weren't going away my doctor put me on 40 mg every other
        6. Hi kenzie i have done much research on acne and accutane and also been on it myself.Please remember that after you finish your cycle that your still be prone to easy scarring and skin damage from to much sun.So be carefull and dont hit the sunbeds.Add me and follow my blog for future relavant advice

          1. I want to know the answer to this too!!!
          2. bump ok I;m gunna try to bump this one more time before I officially give up, I need help real bad!