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  1. xjc5151x

    lightened scars, smoothed out skin huge down time, possible side effects of prolonged redness, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, etc.. Did a 40% TCA peel at a cost, with a dermatologist, i should have known he cared more for his money than my face, The peeling took a good 11-12 days, the redness is severe and will probably last for at least a month or more. I wanted to remove ugly acne scars but now I replaced them with weird red hyperpigmentation, its been 15 days since my procedure and the
  2. Yeah this was my first peel ever, other than some light peels, and I am brown skinned, I questioned the dermatologists decision to do it, but i took a risk and will now have to be wearing make up for about a month or more. Thanks for your advice btw. I saw my dermatologist and he said that the reaction is normal, considering my skin, and that its my first peel.. argggh.. he gave me a tretinitonin (something like that) cream called tri luma to put on at night and a hydrocortisone cream to put on
  3. Hi, I know its been a while since you have done a tca peel, my dermatologist did one for me on jan 4th, its now jan 18th.. he did a tca 40% peel, it took me about 10-12 days to peel, and then now i have prolonged redness, so i think, I am afraid i might have scarring/ hyperpigmentation because under my eye and around my chin and forehead I have darker red marks, while the rest of my skin lightens these marks seem to stay the same, and I look very bad, like severely sunburnt. Im scared this migh
  4. Hi all, I recently did a TCA 40% peel at my dermatologist, it was done on jan 4th 2010, and today is january 17th 2010, I am becoming a little concerned as to what the possible side effects might become and why the recovery/ down time has lasted so long for me. It took me about 10-11 days to peel completely (the brown thick dead skin), and now my face is red (or pink) and i have spots on my face which seem to be a little darker red than the other red (and spots which are noticeably lighter red
  5. Question for everyone: I am wondering if I should get a $300 dollar chemical peel from my dermatologist considering some stuff? the stuff: 1) I am not of fair skin, I can get pretty light if i dont go in the sun for like 4 months, but in San Diego CA that is impossible, Im latino, and my skin tone right now on my face is a light brown. Ive been darker, but I have also been lighter (the reason I mention this is cause I have read dark skin types dont go well with chemical peels) 2) I am a college
  6. OK, so I have had moderate acne for years now, lately its been particularly bad because I really notice it now (in a self-conscious way) so its taking a huge hit on my internal confidence but also on my external appearance as I have pretty much become addicted to picking at my acne to get rid of it faster, HORRIBLE IDEA! I have ugly acne scars that are getting worse and worse with time because I continuously pick my skin to death, to be dead honest my acne has never been bad (as in severe) but i