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  1. I didn't really keep track of my dosage, the derm did... I think I recall her saying I was about finished anyways. Was nervous seeing all the Accutane lawsuit commercials on TV, also concerned about the bad back and joint pain, embarassing lip condition... so I just up and quit, didn't show up for my appointment last month. My face has been clear for a while, since April (started in February). This week I noticed two clogged pores on my jawline (worst offending area on my face pre-accutane
  2. Good luck with your course! I'm about right smack in the middle of mine. We have similiar stories. It gets weird when one day you're feeling great about the results, then it seems to turn on you the next. However, lately I've had a smooth texture to my skin and no break-outs since my last time-o-the-month. I haven't seen cysts since the first month, and that is the most important result! Those things are the worst!
  3. I'm going to do a trial with this stuff called Chop Saver. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. I'm on the same page as you! Can't believe the progress. I haven't tracked my days well and missed some pills...funny, I thought I would be more diligent. I think I'm around day 70...very few blimishes now a days and they scab over quickly. Keeping fingers crossed that the red marks fade over the next three months? or so. Okay, corners of the mouth!!! Argh. I had a big forkful of my dinner and it split them right back open. I'm gonna go back and do research on what accutane veterans rec
  5. Hey there! Our stories are almost identical. Minus the birth control. From age 23 til current I broke out in the fall with cystic acne on my jawline. Congrats on starting the Accutane...getting here is a journey in itself. We are climbing down the other side of the acne mountain now. I popped my first pill on Feb 2nd. Good luck to you, keep us posted. Cheers! Sarah
  6. Hey there! The first couple of weeks I felt kinda weird too. It's a pretty powerful drug you're taking. I try to be respectful of that and do what I can to help it along. Taking Vitamin E, Fish Oil, and a B-Complex.. invested in some Aquaphor and and ordered some Jojoba Oil from this website to combat the inevitable dryness. Its awesome that you're knocking this out now..youll be clear this summer and probably forgetting all about this experience by Christmas. Stay tough! PS: drink tons o
  7. Thank you for sharing the good news! And Congratulations on getting promoted to the front desk!
  8. Wow! I went through the same thing when I was younger. Worried about not being able to smear my mask on every morning. Now... I wish I would have joined up! The Army takes good care of its people. You'll figure out away to fade those scars...even if its just waiting it out. Just imagine yourself where you want to be down the road...in charge of a team, performing the job you love, with a nice place to live, plenty of cash for fun, and scars that have faded into HISTORY.
  9. Hey there! Sounds like you have some real worries with the Accutane. From what I've researched Accutane stays built up in our system, so I've been told missing up to a week or even more is okay. But yes, it is a pain to be on this weird iPledge system...especially when we're shelling out major $dough$ for it!!! I wonder if maybe you could get someone from your health insurance company on the phone. There is someone out there that has the authority to make this more affordable for you.
  10. I'm about a week into Accutane and I have moments of feeling a bit "foggy" and tired. Snowed in so I'm taking awesome naps. Other than that I'm completely excited about all the new changes that this drug will bring. Good and bad. Looking forward to results this summer.
  11. Hey there! You started one day before me. I asked my derm about vitamins and as long as you are avoiding Vit A you're good to go! I'm taking a B-Complex with Zinc for stress control, Vitamin E for obvious reasons, and Fish Oil to combat the inevitable joint pain.Just think of all the bad decisions you're going to miss out on this year due to not drinking Wishing you the best!Sarah
  12. Went to art school, but never imagined I'd work for the government. Previous to working for the Army here in DC I was an "illustrator" for the Navy in Virginia Beach, and previous to that various GD positions outside the gov't with okay pay and no benefits. They update the site every Tuesday. Sometimes there are 20 + jobs up all over the country and a few overseas. Keep an eye out!
  13. Hey there Mallory! Noticed in your posts that you are searching for a entry-level graphic design position. Have you ever considered working for the Federal Government? That's how I got my start. If you go to usajobs.gov they have an awesome search engine. The position would either be classified as "Illustrator" or "Visual Information Specialist". Fancy gov't lingo for Graphic Designer. Good luck on your search!
  14. Jessy- Wishing you all the best on your journey! Keep us posted I start on Tuesday and have cystic acne as well. Here's to a clear Summer 2010!