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  1. using a keyboard wil increas eyour acne i bet, the keyboard i use at work is fuckign disgusting the amount of shti and stains there are on it. All that goign on my face, thats why i wash my hands liek every hour at work
  2. This major sucked my acne wasn't that bad never had it on forehead or sideburns or around my eye area, i started taking fish oli tablets and not all my face is covered. Wish i never did it, but im glad it works for somepeople, the sad thing the acne i got from fish oil is the type that takes a few days to get on your face but years to remove
  3. I just bought some capsules and on the side it said: Vitamin E : 0.67 mg Flaxseed Oil : 569mg Alpha-Linolenic Acid : 300mg (omega-3) They sound pretty weak compared to others, how many tablets you re con should be taken a day, it said on pack no more then 2?
  4. Ahaha i was thinking of getting that aswell, but i thaught if i take any more tea tree and which hazel products im gunna turn into on e:)
  5. Hahaha I'm a student we are always cheap anyway the stuff smells good but haven't noticed a difference yet but its early days, By the way u said u had to sleep on your back because the gel would stick to the pillow, when i put mine on it was all absorbed into my skin in about 10 mins. Shoudl it do that or shoudl i apply more?
  6. ha-ha i was in boots buying deodorant and gel, and i came across the night gel and the foam wash, so i thought I'd buy them got both of em for a £5. Which is good, i decided to stop using bp for a while as i think it was making my skin red. So i'll report back in a couple of days and tell u if it has worked. Ps when buying gel check the bottle for big air bubbles, cause in he night gel i got a huge air bubble n the middle which means im loosing out on gel
  7. I use bp 2.5 all over my checks and neck, iv been doing it for past 2 years, its helped alot, but somtimes i stop using it for a couple of days. I used to wash my face with Apricote scub, and someother naturale cream, but my face was getting really red so i decided to stop using cleansers. For shaving i use - Lorel anti irritation shaving gel. It might be a need to go back to using face wash
  8. Polos, are mints, they are circle and have a hole in em, basically just mints
  9. Hey What up people, hope its all good Anyway just took some pics of my face, to c what class im under, either if it is sever or mild or moderate, atm in the pics this is the worst i have had it. I don't have a routine, i don't use face wash, i just wash with warm water, and shave every two days. I drink shit load of water. I started work this month, and my acne was alright, but its gotten bad i think its due to Polo's and mints, at work there the only thing we can eat while in the office. So
  10. Hey I'm 17 and i'm trying to grow a beard at the moment, but i get half way there, and all my face seems to go red and loads of pores keep opening all over my face, so then i get loads of acne. So i end up shaving. I regimine is pretty much this: 2.5%bp, wash face with just warm water and rinse with cold. Drink 3liters water a day eat loads of fruite etc. So what i'm worried about is that if i do grow my beard then in a couple of months shave it, will my acne have gotten way worse. cheers?
  11. I belive acne can be genetic, my mum had it then my sister got it then i got it, and we all have the same acne in the same places.
  12. ewwww i couldnt stand still watching that. aaaaaarrrrhrhrhr. Looks like an operation done in a third world country
  13. hahahha i bleeched every single towel in my house from using bp
  14. Beer, I miss Drinking Beer but if i drink then i get really bad acne and it takes like 3 weeks to recover from one drinking session. Its bad cause im not the type to drink till i get drunk i just normally have 2 or 3 cans at parties to help me relax
  15. cheers for help dude so i should use half dose in mornig and night, i might get ride of the shaving gel.