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  1. Yep, was in the same boat as you nearly exactly! Same ages, same sort of acne, tried pretty much everything (I tried spironolactone too... pretty useless for me). My derm had no reservation about prescribing me accutane because my referal from my GP confirmed that nothing else had worked. I think when people are adamant that accutane should be for extreme cases only, they can forget that moderate acne that reponds to absolutely nothing is extreme in its own way. Extremely tenacious!
  2. I had moderate acne. Not only was I not clear during a month, but after a month I had developed severe acne and the length of my course was prolonged for a few months extra. So in short, no I just re read your question, you asked people who didn't have an IB. That's not me I guess, sorry!
  3. Hang in there . I'm about 2 weeks off finishing, I had a terrible IB too, and it came a month or two in, like you. My derm put me on antibiotics to settle it down which worked nearly instantly. It's a long hard road, but I found the horrible breakouts easier to cope with because I knew there was something to look forward to at the end. If i'd had such breakouts when i wasn't on accutane, I would have been totally devastated. So I hope you can focus on the good things to come, and push on. You'll
  4. Good point tv_viewer, I never thought of it like that.
  5. Perhaps consult the little leaflet that comes with the box of accutane. I just checked mine and it says nothing about alcohol. I would have thought if it was a problem, they would have to cover their arses and include it in the leaflet. But as far as doing damage, binge drinking always causes damage, but you know that.
  6. My dermatologist didn't tell me either way. Because I knew accutane was going to make me super dry, I moisturised heavily twice a day, which meant my skin didnt get flakey at all. I also VERY gently exfoliated my face every two days, i couldnt believe how much dead skin cells my skin was producing! One of the reasons i did all this is so that i could still wear makeup during the course- which probably isn't an issue for you (I assume you're a guy!). SO that worked well for me. I agree with Avici
  7. Thanks everyone, I've decided to take one last extra repeat, just to be on the safe side. Sun burn here i come . Lyinginthebed, that's one of my biggest concerns too... that now my skin is clear, i'll find something else to have low self esteem about, and i wont have any improved confidence as a result. Thankfully, being clear has increased my confidence, though not as much as i thought it might. The excema would be worth it except I probably dont need this final repeat (it's surplus to my cour
  8. I had (have? just finishing my accutane course atm) moderate acne, and I had a horrible breakout about 2 months in. The worst my skin had ever looked. I wouldn't even call it a breakout, because it didn't stop. I had to go to my derm and get antibiotics (bactrim) to take with the accutane. That worked, thankfully. Not fun.
  9. Thanks for your reply I have had blood tests throughout the whole thing... self imposed! Everything is fine. I've had a very good run up until now. It's like my skin has had enough and is showing me through excema. I've been on for about 5 months, but at 60mg. I guess another month wont hurt... except it is about to become summer and i can't go out in the sun for more than 4 minutes without getting horrifically burnt... no matter how much sunscreen I wear.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm from Australia, where the accutane experience has been vastly different for me than for the majority of posts I have read. On my first dermatology appointment, I hadn't even sat down before the dermatologist told me I needed to be put on accutane. Mind you, I have only moderate acne (but i had tried everything else ie antibiotics, spirinolactone, the pill, more antibiotics, natural supplements). He told me bloodwork was advisable at the start of the course, but not necessary if