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  1. I found an interesting "study" today - concerning "bacteria theory" - this also might be connected to acne! That's kinda what I think is the cause of acne - bacteria in the intestine. Actually i found an article in german, then I googled for "Samuel Buck Washington" (the one who made a study) and found this article: http://www.bioedonline.org/news/news.cfm?art=2554 you may find some other articles on that. in the german text it is also mentioned that maybe the "weight" of a person d
  2. heehee3 - yes, I asked myself this question quite often! ;-) maybe the key to defeat acne is to give up eating TOO much carbohydrates! like in "Buddhism".... just living from air *LOL* ;-))) when i was a teenager I really loved sweets and stuff like that... and pasta... maybe that was the reason for my acne. I think I kind of really "breeded" bacteria within my intestine... )) as we all know the surface of the intestine is VERY large... as big as a football-field... this is a goo
  3. one more thing - Some people on our german board tried LowCarb diet - many of them do have success, others say they don't ! I think the problem is, it can take quite a long time until bacteria dies ! During Low Carb I tested different things.... acne was almost gone.... and only ONE spoon full of sugar caused pimples in my face, after about 3 days! When I did Low Carb diet it was VERY hard ! 0% sugar! No Potatoes, no rice, no bread, no sweets... i only ate protein from meat, f
  4. one more thought - in my early "acne days" i got Antibiotics "Doxycycline" from the doctor - they did help in the beginning, but later they lost its effect. My acne got very bad AFTER antibiotic lost its effect - it was horror! I think the bacteria within the intestine got resistant to it and also the acne-bacteria within the skin! I think the same happened when drinking camomille-tea! They got resistant to this substance! Different antibiotic substances may have different effects
  5. heehee3 - I think that the carbohydrates do cause a liver problem - no, wait.... bacteria causes this liver problem. I also did an experiment with "Mariendistel" ... wait... what is it called in english... "ladie's thistle" or "milk thistle"? extract ...the substrance is called "Syllimarin". I did this test with a girl from your board - she does not really have acne, but she obviously suffers from very oily skin. So we both decided to do a test with this substance, it is known to be a very
  6. i found something in wikipedia-Germany: >> Auf der postsynaptischen Membran von Nervenzellen kann Serotonin erregend wirken oder hemmend. Durch unterschiedliche Beschickung der verschiedenen Gehirnregionen mit Serotonin kann die Raphe das globale Erregungsmuster im Gehirn beeinflussen. Ein antagonistisches System hierzu ist die Ausschüttung von Noradrenalin durch Neuronen des Locus coeruleus. << so this says, that in the brain there is an "antagonic system" - Locus coeruleus fi
  7. if you had asked for SNRI or SSNRI then it would probably be easier to answer, since those are "linked to Noradrenaline" - if there is more Noradrenaline in your blood then you will have "more drive" ;-D - and since stress hormones are always said to increase acne... you know... i don't know how serotonine connects to stress hormones... greets from Germany
  8. Hello, I am from Germany, an I am a member of the "aknewelt.de" forum, probably Germany's best Acne-board - it is very similar to this board here, people try to help each other and try to explore known and selfmade acne theories. Some people of our board do also read your board sometimes, mostly because of interesting acne-theories. I am sorry - I do not speak english very well, it's only the little english I learned at school, decades of years ago. I am suffering from Acne for more than 20