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  1. that really bothers me too. It's because everyone with acne is hiding in their houses (me included)! I wonder if everyone with acne would just live normally and not (in some cases I've read about) drop out of school because of their skin, then people would get used to acne and not be so judgemental. Us acting ashamed isn't helping when perfect skinned people already think we have something to be ashamed about, though we don't. It isn't our fault.
  2. Well, being overweight is more talked about even if it's just a "hey fatty!" down the hallway. But acne is a major no-no to most everyone while there are people who like more padding esp. with the whole "bigger is better, natural women have curves" kind of thing. I'd rather be overweight I guess because I can fix that in about a year or less. Acne I have almost no control of and I don't know if it's ever going to go away. If it's permenent then I'm fucked either way right? But I guess I would sa
  3. So I used to be on Benzoyl peroxide 10% and clindamycin both twice a day that cleared me up 100% at first then down to 80%. The texture of my skin was really dull and uneven and I was really sick of all the chemicals and having to layer all the foundation on top to cover my pigmentation scars so I gave in to my mother and tried her usana company's skin care line. I have a very gentle face wash with a kind of toner and then nutrients "perfecting essense" type of lotion. There a rice bran face scr
  4. cool, thanks you guys. I think either it's helping a lot or my skin is finally decided to be nice to me because I'm not having any intense acne problems without any acne treatment (besides the vitamins). The white heads don't get big before they shrink again and my skin is a lot softer and healthier. Hopeful the trend continues. I'm using Usana Sense products. They're a health company that does the vitamins too so hopefully my skin will just "heal" from all the nutrients and I can stop wearing m
  5. Well, I'm almost 18 and just went all natural and my acne seems to be significantly reduced and less present. Hopeful in a year or two, I'll be clear. Jeez, I hope I didn't jinx myself. Anyway, my brother used to have really bad acne and now is 19 and is down to very few. So it defintely dwindles as you age though I can't really be positive in my case and my brother did just join the marines and has an intense physical regime. Sorry if this is not that helpful. Here's to hoping, I think most p
  6. So I'm currently switching from Benzoyl face wash 10% and clindamycin to an all natural gentle face regime and vitamins. The perscription regime helped but I still needed makeup and the quality of my skin was pretty dull. I have mild/moderate acne. I would love to go all natural but I don't really have the patience or the faith. I'm taking a multivitamin, 1000mg vitamin C, fish oil, this grape seed thing and a really nutrients/healing/moisture based face wash and toner. Day 3 and I'm getting a l
  7. Why wash your face at all if doing so makes you break out? If you are really stubborn about washing your face maybe just mix a super gentle face wash with water and splash the watery mixture on your face then splash with just water then air dry?
  8. Grrr. I hate how my friends just plop down to sleep and wake up looking great and acne free. I usually just excuse myself before bed, wash my face, sleep, wake up a little early to get ready before they are all up and moving. Yeah, I am constantly worried about how my skin looks, the rushed makeup job and the too telling morning light but you just have to forget about it, have fun. You don't want to hole yourself up just because of your acne-prone face, lots of perfect skinned ugly people have f
  9. I would love, love to go all natural, no weird over the counter products or prescriptions but the problem I have is patience and faith. What works for me is prescription meds and makeup though right now I'm going all natural again and doing a vitamin + natural face wash thing. Not sure if it's going to work, will try to update you later. Anyway, don't exfoliate with salt or any other hard grain-like thing, it tears at your skin and can irritate and dry out skin. I'm on vitamin C and fish oil tha
  10. fish oil and vitamins help with inflammation, so does cover up. I know you probably don't want to wear makeup but if done right it can really help. Not sure what else will work as quickly.
  11. Hmm... my skin actually looked better/or the same after getting high. Smoke is an irritant though so careful. I suppose it just depends on your physiology. Or maybe you were sloppy about washing your face when high.
  12. lol. Any pimple anywhere is inconvenient. I hate getting them around my lips so it looks like my mouth is misshapen. Also I worry that I'll get one in my dimple some day.
  13. yeah, I keep trying the orange generic neutrogena but it seems to be too drying yet it doesn't get rid of all my acne. I end up with those big underground things that never come up as a whitehead. Stupid.
  14. Yeah, my mom's doing the Usana thing too. I used to be on benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin but now I'm on day 3 of just sense and ODing on the vitamins. Definately more acne, just little whiteheads though, not sure if I want to give them benefit of the doubt and say it's the impurities "coming out". I heard it takes months to finally be clear through just sense though scars will dissapear fast. Not sure I have the patience or the faith. Let me know if it works for you.