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  1. The name of this member is the same of the person who wrote the article. It is on the top left. I do search engine optimization. This guy is spam. Life Ban the leech. Was thinking the same.
  2. what brand are you guys using?
  3. you pretty much eat nothing but apples for 3 days and on the final day, u do something, i cannot recall.
  4. look up the baby brush method. It's what i'm currently doing.
  5. can i use vitamin e oil as a moisturizer at night?
  6. topicals usually will not work on red marks. The chemicals in it won't make it any better and u might risk irritating ur skin. I'm currently using the baby brush method to get rid of my red marks. But im sure the derm can tell you if u should use topical or lasers.
  7. doubt it. the best they can do are laser surgeries and chemical peels, which cost a few thousands.
  8. when did you first notice any changes? two weeks maybe?
  9. try exfoliation with a baby brush. It's what im starting to use now..
  10. I'm also having that....and everytime it goes away, it comes back....what products are you using?
  11. I use AVC and it helps, but not as quickly as i like. it never help that quickly, haha. But yeah, i've also read that lemon is really great. But i'm happy with the results ACV is giving me, so im sticking with it.
  12. cover it with sunscreen before you go out. rub it with apple cider vinegar once a day and moisturize with vitamine e oil. The first one is a must, but the second and third is optional.
  13. i rub my face with vitamin e oil as a moisturizer before i sleep. i think it helps. I also rub my face with apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball once a day about a hour before i go shower, which is during evening. WEARING SUNSCREEN IS A MUST! i see steady results when i put them on.