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  1. I've had mild acne since 18, I can't say terrible breakouts but I always had a zit or two. And I'm 35. I eat whatever I want. I'm really convinced chocolate doesn't make you prone to nreakouts. If this was the case, we are talking chocolate has to be eliminated through the skin, and you will get zits everywhere
  2. I know you meant no harm, but you see, humor is different among the countries. For primary Spanish speaking people and above all Latinamericans the post was offensive. Not so much the part about monkeys, that was weird and strange and it could be taken the wrong way, like if you were mocking Spanish speakers The part that was very offensive was the referal to the male genitals. We only use those words for medical speaking or if you want to insult badly someone. I understand this term
  3. I am in Mexico, but I could get Eucerin Renewal SFP 15 in here. That is what helped me in that first week when I was exactly like you. If Neutrogena is itching, stop it. You may try something without SPF, this is the part that itches
  4. Ryanheat 89... As a moderator for this part, I'm forced to delete your post. Is not a bit nice to write those things in Spanish This is a forum for acne problems. Whatever you like to do with monkeys, is your problem
  5. Mmmhh... never use the automated translators, they do serious mistakes! No tngo messenger, pero déjame mensajes aquí y yo te contesto. No te preocupes, somos muchos!
  6. Please girls. before taking birth control pills, check with a doctor. Just as has been stated, this could be a hormonal imbalance and if you self prescribe you can have many problems
  7. Por cierto, si tienes barreras con el inglés, te explico como es el tratamiento. Los resultados son fantásticos!!! Translation: By the way if yoy have barrieres with English, I'll explain how the treatment is. The reults are amazing!
  8. Pero puedes hablar en español si te es más fácil. Creo que pocos lo hablamos
  9. I think the hardest language to learn depends on your primary language. Since mine's rooths are from latin, is not that hard. It wasn't hard for me to learn English and it has helped me understand some things in German since they are alike. I agree it has its tricks with grammar, but so others. verbs in Spanish and French are really tricky! So, since I don't have rooths for Chinese or Japanese, those will be the hardest languages for me to learn I like sign language and I know a little.
  10. I just remembered! I wanted to advice all of you to avoid using an automated translator when you need to translate from English into Spanish. The several countries who have Spanish as first language have developed their unique "slang", so an apparantely nice word can be offensive in certain country besides.. this translators do their job in word by word basis. Since the synthax is different in germanic and latin languages, the result is not understandable
  11. Well, I thought it will be fun to know the primary language of the International members. We already know each other but who knows, maybe we could start some language lessons! I have to place more options, but they don't come to my mind now. So if your language is not stated in here, please choose "Other" and post which one
  12. "From the Dead Princess" from kenizé Mourad.. And I ahve to agree, any from Isable Allende but "Infinite Plan". It's hard to choose the one I liked hte most from her but i guess "Paula" and "Stories from Eva Luna"
  13. LOL: It sure is hard choosing only two. let's make it three then! My picks are: 1.- Amores Perros (Dog Loves, though "Love is a bitch" is much more accurate 2.- EL Callejón de los Milagros (The Alley of the Miracles. Original book novel by Naguib Mafouz) 3.- Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate. Original book novel by Laura Esquivel)
  14. Hi Vanessa! You are so right! If it's translated as "Dog Loves" you just don't get it. For Mexican slang, the word "dog", besides the animal, means that something is very, very hard. It seems the translator of the Serbo-coratan version sure knows how to do it! let me tell you little more about its making! The director acutally visited the fighting rings to see the surroundings. It reminds me something of "Antonia". I don't remember if this is a Swedish film, but it's great