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  1. My reason why this is working for you: There are lots of "Friendly" bacteria on your face, and also good oils which keep your skin hydrated and protected from the elements like no other moisturizer can do. The friendly bacteria will successfully compete with the ance bacteria, and can win. Also, this "good" bacteria on your face realeases a compound called lipoteichoic acid (LHA) which reduces inflammation. However, when you have a wound on your skin, this good bacteria actually becomesbad
  2. Yaz AND spiro, wow. You need to fire that doctor, he dosent care about your health. Thats one hell of a combo, and I pray for your heart. I would reccomend getting off yaz. Spiro, okay, but YAZ, please dont stay on that. Find another birth control, talk to your doctor. Alot of controversy surronding yaz. Its bad.
  3. Uhn? what is your question. Waxing consistantly, along with plucking can damage the roots of hairs over time and cause them to grow back weak and thinner and eventually not at all. Spiro works becuase it is an anti androgen, DHT is an androgen responsible for facial and body hair growth, oddly enough causes male and female pattern baldness, and if you take spiro you lower the amount of DHT in your system, hence less facial/body hair. Topical spiro works well too to block DHT from affecting t
  4. Yaz is dangerous. There are numerous law suits against Bayer, the makes of yaz, for serious heart, gallblader and other other problems even death of family members.Please do not take this drug. See if there is another birth control pill you can get on, and if need be take spirolactanone. Spiro can be dangerous, but under dr's care should be okay. Its much safer than yaz, and has been around for a long time and nothing really serious has happened with spiro. If you havent tried that, and you thin
  5. So, YAZ is a dangerous drug. Do not take it. There are alot of law suits going on right now for people who have been injured or have died from yaz. It can cause a whole series of problems. Look up goldwater law firm lawsuit on yaz. This drug isnt something you should take lightly. I would take spirolactanone before i took yaz. Thats my two cents.