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  1. Same here. When I get out of the shower in the morning, or randomly wash my face through out the day (exfoliator in the shower, just water if I decide to wash during the day) my face dries up a bit. Right after drying off I can tell my face is dry. If I stretch my skin in any way like yawn or open my mouth really wide it gets worse, skin kinda turns white and ashy I would almost say, not huge flakes or anything. My face starts to normalize and fix itself after like 10-20 minutes because I start
  2. I Don't think it's the same thing. I actually found an image from about a year ago, the quality is horrible though, I mean you can't really see it other than there's just a bump there. http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/1449/nosel.jpg It's just a single bump there, appears to have been broken skin that healed as a bump, the only way I can explain it.
  3. Well, now that I've cleared up my acne for the most part I'm noticing other things wrong with my face. Basically it all started back in middle school, I had a pretty severe zit (or maybe even a cyst?) on the side of my nose. I squeezed it to pop it, it looked pretty bad. Basically over time it has formed what looks to me like a scar. It's basically just a raised bump on my nose, no color difference for the most part, if anything maybe a tad bit lighter than the rest of my skin. It's just a la
  4. Acne is not my problem anymore, I get random breakouts here and there but nothing major. I've stopped using any products on my face and wash with water only. Helped more than any product ever has for me, I understand everyone is different. My problem is drier skin after showering and then too greasy throughout the day. Though it's starting to subside mostly now, I think my main problem was just the transition between colder weather to seriously 90f+ degrees the very next day. My face is startin
  5. I have no scientific evidence to support my claim, I can only tell you what happens to me. The same can be said to you however, do you have scientific evidence that it does not? Either way, that's not the point of this post so I wont be commenting on it any further. I'm trying to understand what other people do in this situation.
  6. Okay, well for the most part my skin is fairly dry, just terrible during the winter especially. However the weather is starting to warm up a bit, but still kinda cooler in the mornings. I drink ridiculous amounts of water, and only water. This was my first test to helping my dry skin, it did help a lot but not completely. I've been doing this for multiple months if not a year now. I use to over wash my face, which is as most of you know bad. This will over dry your face in in most cases cause m
  7. If you're using the regimen washing your face means washing it off, then you'd have to re-apply it for it to work, so that wouldn't really work. However if you're not on the regimen then I guess it's up to you. My experience however, before I started using any type of cleaning products on my face I would just use warm water throughout the day multiple times, whenever I would feel greasy or dirty. Well my naturally dry skin and putting water on my face multiple times throughout the day severely
  8. Thanks toomanyman. Over the days I have been icing it with 10% BP before I go to bed, to try to dry it out a bit more. However I'm not too sure it's really working. When I wake up in the morning it almost looks and feels like it is gone. Though once I get out of the shower it's just as red as before and feels like it bumps back up. It's been 2 weeks+ now, BP and SA don't seem to be improving it any.
  9. Well, after using BP for awhile I haven't really even had any active acne. A few smaller breakouts on my forehead that disappear after a few days but that's it really. About a week and a half ago I noticed I had a blemish right above my eyebrow, I figured it was just a normal breakout for me. Then after about 4 days I noticed it was never forming a whitehead and I could feel a small bump under neath, basically just a small knot. I've never had a cyst before, I wouldn't even consider my acne mil
  10. Sounds like a lot of harsh stuff at once to me. I would stick closely to the regimen as it is proven to work. What I currently do I can't really suggest, however it doesn't really seem to effect me. I use a gentle SA cleanser in the shower, wait the required amount, apply 2.5% BP, wait the required amount, then apply a SA based lotion. This doesn't seem to effect me at all. I have naturally dry sensitive skin. Though I can not suggest this to anyone, everyone is different. I am thinking of
  11. Your story sounds VERY similar to mine. I'm 24, never had acne throughout middle school/high school/college. Other than the few normal zits here and there maybe, but nothing major. Recently (probably since this past 4th of July) I've had some pretty obnoxious breakouts on my forehead. They're not like normal zits, they're just red bumps where most of the time they don't have whiteheads. The only way I can explain them are knots, mostly right above the eyebrow area and some in random spots on t
  12. Some people say some of these regimens may purge you, meaning it draws all the bacteria out (causing you to break out) and then cures it over time. However I can't really comment on this because one, I don't know if Dan's regimen/BP does this, and two, I've never purged or got worse acne when using products. It either clears me up or doesn't. All people are different however, so maybe someone else can comment and tell you what's up.
  13. 3 days is still pretty early, your skin is going to need a bit longer to get use to it. Keep going and give it time! Applying the Treatment and then washing it off wont help, you need to apply it to your face and let is absorb in. Also not using moisturizer is a bad idea, the BP is most likely going to severely dry your skin, irritating it more and will most likely just cause more redness. Also don't forget that overly dry skin can also cause more acne. I know how you feel! I was
  14. I was using Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 from Neutrogena however I think I noticed what you are explaining as well. I refuse to use a moisturizer at all if it makes my face look shiny/greasy. Which is why I have almost always steered clear of any facial moisturizer even though I have always had dry skin. I thought they all made me feel greasy or just didn't absorb into the skin. I guess I just haven't used the right ones. I still have yet to find one that works for me as well. So hopefully someone
  15. Thanks for the response km123! I'm glad to hear you adjust fine from going from Proactiv to the Acne.org regimen, hopefully I'll be the same for me. That's my biggest worry, I don't want to go through the red and sensitive face thing again. I'm still trying to finish off the rest of this Proactiv and then I'll most likely switch over to this regimen. Like I said, I have some seriously sensitive skin. I once tried to use a wash cloth to wash my face, I ended up giving my face rugburn, to the p