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  1. I do this too I let myself suffer the whole day by resisting the temptation to pick, and then I finally start to feel good about myself for being successful. Then, at night, I give in and pick, and I think, I should have just done it earlier and saved myself the trouble! I hope your red marks heal fast. Good luck resisting the urge...
  2. I try to do something that I know is productive and that I will appreciate once my acne starts to clear up again. When I'm feeling like my acne is at its worst, I also start to feel like everything else is pointless. But if you think this way, when your acne does clear up, you'll feel like you wasted a lot of time. I don't mean going out with friends, because that's the last thing I want to do when I'm upset with my acne. I usually stay in my room on my computer, doing research, catching up on s
  3. I would definitely choose almond milk. I've switch from regular dairy milk to soy milk and then finally to almond milk. I drink the unsweetened vanilla--it has 0 grams of sugar. When you compare almond milk with most brands of soy milk that you would buy (which can have up to and can exceed 30 grams of sugar), you will see that almond milk would be much better for acne. Dairy and soy are both known to be some of the leading causes of breakouts among acne sufferers, whereas experiencing breakouts
  4. I just wanted to throw in my experience with niacin. I use the flush niacin, no time-release. I started with 250mg once a day and have upgraded that to 500mg once a day (before bed). I've been taking niacin for a few months now. I've seen noticeable improvement with my skin (can't say 100% it's the niacin alone, as I use a lot of different treatments for my acne, but I definitely feel better after taking it). I still get a light flush 30 minutes - 1 hour after I take it, but it's no longer uncom