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  1. Hi friends, Need seeious advise on two scar bigger one near the neck develpd and smaller one upper chest photo attached.. Need advise as i will be getting married this year Bigger and upper one is of more concern... http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wck8e9&s=8#.U2pALfmSx3E
  2. for prevent further Redness avoid exposure to sunlight and use good spf cream...probably 30-50..check with your dermatologist need to apply every 4 hours and To reduce REDNESS u need to get a new pigmentation control cream ..need to applied overnight...2 hrs before going to bed so that it is absorbed by your skin not by your pillow !! Some doctors recommend antibiotics/antioxidiants but it entirely depends
  3. awaiting the most recent pics...!!!!! Kz12 u have been great motivation for people including me for going for C02 fractional sitting !! cheers and thanks !! Hope u get ur desired level of expected results though there is a amazing improvement from person who sees u after a long time like us !! So keep on posting pics for better feedback!
  4. Please upload your recent pics....not sure if you could notice but surely people like us who have not seen your latest pics will surely see the change in you...Some dr told expect around 20%-30% improvement depending upon skin per CO2 sitting...i see a lot of improvement in ur skin tone and smoothness..
  5. Hey guys ..for all the treatments from fraser laser, peels , Liposuction I believe the dermaroller are giving very good results...Lots of my relatives complimented me. I highly recommend 0.5mm for light acne scarring/anti ageing/hair thinning, 1.0mm for deep acne scarring/deep anti ageing/hair loss, and 1.5mm for very deep scarring, you would need to decide which would best suit your needs. These ppl also give vitamin rich cream, as it has all the ingredients needed to support the use of 1.5m
  6. Hi guys, I found this great article on rolling. Dermarollers should be very simple to use, but many people get caught up with all the different conflicting information out there. Here are ten simple rules to remember which should take the hassle out of these fantastic little devices. 1) Don't buy a needle length which is too long - You might think that the longer the needle the better the result. Whilst this may be marginally true, if you go too long, you won't want to use it because it'll b
  7. Hey everyone, Not sure if anyone tried this new technology of overcoming acne/acne scars... http://derma-rollers.com/ uses like a different wavelength of 415nm, which still kills the bacteria in acne but has none of the side effects of UV light. It is completely safe for the skin in 4 steps Step 1: Press the power button (approx. 0.5 seconds), until the Green Lamp lights up. Step 2: Wait for 1 minute and Blue Lamp will flash in turn (do not press power button while waiting). Step 3: Press
  8. hii fella...i had exactly same boxor scars like u yr back but now they are very light..all u need is little persistence...do the following at home.. 1.order a local anaestsia from ur local chemist shop...apply at ur skin for 1 hr... 2.order Scientia Derma Rollers (2.0 mm) from http://derma-rollers.com 3.Take a before pic 4.check for after pic after a month or so.. 5.Repeat step 1 to 4 after every 2 months..
  9. as far as diet is concerned i used to drink 3-4 l of water and 2 cups of green tea..avoid sugar and oily stuff. I Ordered two 2 Scientia Derma Rollers (2.0 mm) i believe since my scars were very deep than.. most of the scars are almost gone or less visible....i m now hoping remainin one's to go at least very very less visible ...thanks to http://derma-rollers.com
  10. in September 2010 i did one sitting and yesterday i did one more...so i will post my new improved pic...cheers to dermarolling....it really works all you need is patience and persistence...
  11. Hi bro sorry for replying late as i am mostly travelling...hardly get free time... Today i will be posting my pic which i clicked in September...see it yrself and let me know how much my skin has improved you see .I see around 60%-70% improvement This pic is from this September 2010... http://s557.photobucket.com/albums/ss11/in...0/september.png Pics clicked on Nov 27 2009 Before i ordered dermarollers around one year back. http://i557.photobucket.com/albums/ss11/in...27112009009.jpg http:
  12. hey guys, Quick update after a gap of 8 months....i have improved after around 4 sittings of scars..upto 15%...every two months...which is by far one of the best thing ever happend to my skin..my family friendz who meet me after a gap of 6 months r crazy and are askin what am i doin..scars are almost gone...Its amazing must say. i m so happy...All thanks goes to dr.roller..I m planning to buy two more next month... Here is the link if u guys wanna try...dermarollers I will be uploading my post-
  13. however i did thesame treatment..fat was taken out from my stomach....after effects was like my scars looked less deeper bt my face looked like huge...as compd to my body...even after 2 yrs faT didnt subsided As TOLD BY DR.. NOW I HAVE again taken the fat out..
  14. I had one..yes no side effects but redness lasts for 2-3 days depending upon frequency of shots given..This is very advanced and hence very costly procedure require 4-6 sittings min for 70%-80%results...i had around 30%-40% improvement after 3 sittings..