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  1. Jacattack86

    Day 24

    Wow, almost a whole month down! Things are steadily continuing to get better, thank goodness! The cysts on the left side of my face have calmed down significantly (I caved and did a little, ahem, extracting which i KNOW is horrible, but that + neosporin really REALLy helped them go down, and now it looks less like I have a growth on my face. Plus they are drying up and shrinking everyday) Also, I haven't had any new cystic breakouts in about two weeks, its amazing. My skin is definitely a lot sm
  2. Jacattack86

    day 18

    Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog! That sucks that your IB is still going on into day 15 I was one of the lucky ones that had a very, very mild IB. Right now I am just dealing with the cysts that still exist on my face from before the start of my course. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been to deal with acne for all those years. I've only been dealing with it for a year and a half and it feels like forever, i feel like I don't even remember what i looked like with normal sk
  3. I'm on day 20 and 3/4 of my face cleared within the first two weeks. I'm still dealing with this stubborn patch of cysts on the left side of my face that have been there FOREVER, but I think they are slowwwwwly reducing (I'm trying not to mess with them. It's tough) Anyway, just about a month ago I had cysts on my forehead, inbetween my eyes/nose area (you know, like where your glasses/sunglasses rest) on my chin, and both my cheeks. My right cheek, nose, forehead, and chin are now completely bl
  4. Happy Birthday!!! After 21 its all downhill, welcome to 22....JK! Have a great one!!! -J
  5. Jacattack86

    day 18

    I AM HATING THE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE RIGHT NOW. The two cysts I had there pre-tane that i THOUGHT were shrinking have morphed into one MEGA cyst and I think added another cyst with the conglomerate. The rest if my face is actually pretty smooth with makeup on, and this STUPID ULTRA MEGA CYST just sticks out and looks sooooo bad. You know when you get a group of cysts that make you look like you have deep scarring (because the raised surface makes the non-raised surface look like indents? I HATE
  6. Jacattack86

    Day 16

    My nose is starting to do that thing where it seemingly overnight grew 1293809183-0128 blackheads. ew. I've never had blackheads, but of course from reading a zillion of these logs I know that is a sign that the 'tane is pushing all the gunk out of my skin. I The three cysts are still reducing in size, the two major ones that are on the left side of my face from before I started my course are starting to get dry and scaly too, but I'm thinking thats a good thing? I have also resisted the urge to
  7. Jacattack86

    Picture update!

    A little comparison pic from day 1-day 15. Not a HUGE difference, but noticeable...same crappy lighting for each photo that makes it look 238217128 redder and grosser than it is, but whatevs....anyway! (I also think I lost most of my holiday weight, my face looks a lot thinner...w00t! ) http://www.flickr.com/photos/36380751@N04/4314907671/ -J
  8. Jacattack86

    Day 15

    Woo! Halfway through the first month! So, for the last four or five days I've been pretty disenchanted with accutane, but I woke up this morning with my three remaining cysts decreased by more than half! Also, my skin is not oily AT ALL and I went the whole day yesterday without having to powder/touch up my makeup once (and I wore it for like ten hours straight). My skin's texture is also changing and becoming...dare I say...smooth?!?! Its getting to point (this is pathetic) where I am so pumped
  9. Jacattack86

    Day 10

    Day 10 already! I know, day 10 of 150, but still! Side effects still not too bad, lips arent even that crazy dry yet, but I bombard them preemptively with aquaphor whether they feel dry or not. Still tired all the time, especially after taking my dose. Oiliness has calmed down a bit, but still gross at the end of the day. I am however noticing the texture of my skin start to change, ever so slightly, for the better. I have no real cysts right now, but I do have about four under the skin bumps th
  10. UHG I HATE DATING TOO! I dated a guy for almost 5 years, havent been in a relationship since (its been about 3 years of singledom now...hahaha)...dated around a LOT during that time, looking for something more maybe now that I'm finishing school and stuff, but old habits die hard. I'm the queen of dumping 'em after three dates ha. I think I just like the attention more than the person a lot of the time....and the whole thing with your ex not talking to you is BS. I think men think they're doing
  11. Ha I would be the person who needs to contact tech support on the acne forum....anyway your progression pictures have given me such hope. I was out tonight to see a band, and it got so hot in the bar that I started to sweat, and I just HAD to leave because I was sure my face was a splotchy, oily, acne-y mess. Isnt that the stupidest thing ever? I want to be able to enjoy life again like normal. I am hoping for progress like yours!!!!
  12. WOW! Your skin is looking amazing! Seriously, and you're only two months in! Tomorrow is ONE WEEK DOWN for me (19 to go hahahaha) right now I'm just enjoying the beginning of all the lovely side effects...I think I was nothing but one big oil slick today..with chapped lips...anyway ha! You look great. I'm still having problems linking my log to my signature, I keep trying and it just keeps coming up blank (you never would have guessed I took computer programming classes....yikes) but anyway if y
  13. Jacattack86

    Day 6

    WOW. Today my face was nothing but a huge oil slick. Really?? Uhg. I can deal with the little zits, but the oil is out of control. Anyway. My lips are slightly swollen, did that happen to anyone else? one of my guy friends was like...your lips..you look like a super model...yeah, one that is 5'3 with acne. hahaha. Oh well SUPER TIRED. It's the 'tane drain. Uhg. I switched to Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser, I'm wondering if the fact that I stopped using a SA wash has anything to do with my oi
  14. Jacattack86

    Day 5

    huzzah for side effects! I'm feeling the 'tane drain (aka I'm SO freakin tired - no bueno either, cause today is the first day of classes!) Also, inside of my nose is incredibly dry and sore. Lips a little dry but overall still not too bad. More little whiteheadish pimples cropped up overnight, but I'm not too concerned. The little ones that came out the other night are already just little red flat spots. I officially have NO CYSTS currently (thanks neosporin!) but I know its not gonna stay that
  15. Jacattack86

    Just a P.S

    Does anyone else find the Claravis blister packs IMPOSSIBLE to open?? And seriously all the pregnant lady tabs??? It's kind of funny actually. Just in case i forgot to NOT get pregnant, I can look at the tab before I take the pill and go OH YEAH, I FORGOT I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO REPRODUCE. THANKS BARR LABORATORIES!!! Anyway. Thats it haha. -J