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  1. Yes. With Accutane. Check out my log for the proof. I've got photos. My life has...been...changed.
  2. IRIS by THE GOO GOO DOLLS. I'm not fucking with you. Look this shizzzz up RIGHT NOW!
  3. It's people like you that give Accutane a bad name.
  4. been done for about 2 weeks things are perfect thought i'd let you all know. PEACE!
  5. I took Accutane for the last 7 months- and it did the trick. I'm in the last two weeks of taking the pill now... so take note I'm not off of it just yet. However, around month 2 or 3 I got some pretty huge nodules that wound up leaving some brown marks on my face. They're not too noticeable, but of course it annoys the fuck out of me. I've heard that after you're done accutane the marks have a better time healing- but don't hold me to it. Can anyone relate or help me out? Thanks.
  6. I agree with you dude. It changed my life as well. I don't understand these anti tane people... it pisses me off.
  7. It gets worse before it gets better. Your a month in- you're gonna have to deal with it for another two or three months. Let the drug do it's job
  8. I live in Maryland, and I'm going to uni this fall in Florida. I'm currently on accutane and I'll be finishing up right before I leave for school.. I'm nervous as fuck that it's gonna come back when I'm down there. Trying to be optimistic, tane really has worked, but damnit that would be a nightmare.
  9. everythings perfectly fine. been at the beach so i haven't had time to update this but things are definitely looking up if you have any questions- feel free. i will get back to you.