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  1. I like Maybelline (Red pencil) and Cover Girl ones they don't smudge. If you keep the cap off it makes it even better
  2. the trick to keeping it on is make sure your lip are washed first (take off all oil) and dry then apply then put on the clear gloss that comes with it if you don't apply that it comes off sooner.
  3. I bought it at makeupartistschoice.com it was like about $38.00 or something like that. It is safe place to buy I paid with a check and they deliver fast.
  4. Nothing comes from nothing just look around you everything has a creator. I definately believe in God he helps me.
  5. I recently got rid of 2 enlarged looking pores I think thats a pin hole I used 12% TCA solution and a tooth pick I basically dipped the tooth pick in the solution then I put it in the enlarged pore till it started to frost (look whitish in appearance) i did 2 treatments they are gone you should spread the treatments apart like do a treatment 1once a month for 2 months so you skin will grow back to cover the enlarged pore. I would test it on one pore just to make sure it works for you and see ho
  6. There are so many people that would love to trade places with you my sister is a nurse they are people struggling to breathe they just want to live. Try to be happy instead of sucidal thoughts think I AM NOT GOING TO LET MY SKIN RUIN MY LIFE!!!! I heard some good advice from Dr. Phill if you can work on your thinking more positvejust change that one thing instead of feeling worthless and sucidal think more positve. Pray to God for help start goin to church volunteer to help others so you feel li
  7. I was lonely for the longest time and I prayed to God and now I am engaged to a guy who resembles Johnny Depp. I joined Christian Mingle and had my photo there and he said (My Fiance) that it was love at first sight when he saw it. I know you will find love. If the migits can get married you can too.
  8. Don't worry about it even Migits get married you will find someone eventually the key is praying to god to lead you to the right person. Someone you will marry instead of just casual ---.
  9. I am glad you are praying to god he will help you. You might want to get on some anti depressants so you won't be so consumed by your acne you are still young your acne may clear with age. I saw your picture you look fine your acne is not that bad really. Don't let it ruin your life. Cheer Up God Loves You.
  10. Maybelline the one that is red colored pencil is great and not pricey. Covergirl is good too. If your pencils are too soft don't put the cap on so it will dry alittle and it will be more smudge proof.
  11. You might want to take some B vitamian they give u energy they work for me just take recommended amount