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  1. Hey guys! So I've been doing the regimen for a while now and my face is looking pretty good. I was originally on doryx but stopped using it about 6 months ago. As of recent ive gotten a couple of whiteheads (non-inflammed acne) on my cheeks. They're not extremely noticeable but they are annoying and I just want to get rid of them. So I asked my derm to put me back on the antibiotic doryx to see if that would get rid of the whiteheads. My only concern with this is will the doryx antibiotic
  2. Hey everyone! So I'm going to try and test out tea tree oil. I've been doing the regimen for a while now and it's worked for the most part. But for some reason i've gotten two whiteheads on the side of my cheek and the benzoly peroxide doesn't seem to be getting rid of it. So i'm experimenting and trying tea tree oil instead of bp. Would anyone recommend doing this? Has anyone had any good results with tea tree oil?
  3. Hey everyone! So I'm wondering, is it safe to use AHA + once every morning in place of benzoyl peroxide? I would still use bp at night but I'm trying give my skin time to heal from red marks so I want to back off bp a bit. I just want to make sure using AHA + isn't doing more harm than good by using it once every morning. Any recommendations?
  4. Thank you Brandy! Yes the regimen has worked but my skin isn't exactly where I want it to be with the red marks still being present. I've been using the AHA + to help fade the red marks faster; however my main issue with the regimen, and not to repeat myself, is that I believe it has deterred my effort in fading the red marks. If my red marks were completely faded I'd be doing the regimen full on in order to prevent further break outs. But since the bp seems to prolong hyperpigmentation, I'm
  5. Hey guys! Ok so I've been on the regimen for almost a year now. It's worked well for the most part. As of now I only have two white heads that are barely noticeable and got one pimple that seems to be healing fast already. However I am tired of having to constantly use bp. Right now I've only been doing the bp at night and AHA + in the morning. Sometimes i'll do bp twice a day but usually will just stick the the AHA + in the morning. I want to try to stop using bp altogether because for a
  6. I think a lot of it is due to the amount of bp that is used. I heard a rumor that bp extends the appearance of red marks because it produces free radicals. Also it may depend on how deeply rooted the acne was or where the acne is located. For some reason the red marks on my cheeks linger for a long time while ones on my chin and forehead go away within a couple of days. I dont know if anyone else is like this. Let me know.
  7. OMG like i feel like my life is ruined and i dont even know why i never had acne my whole life and all of a sudden BAM! And all of you who keep saying dont worry and stay positive how the f##k am i supposed to when i have that huge red mark on my face. god i feel like just dying Hey I'm definitely in the same position too. I'm a guy and never had acne in my life till I turned 20 and it got bad. It's been a while now and my red marks have gone down a lot but they are still present and I ha
  8. Hey guys! So I have three minor pitted scars on the right side of my cheek. They are pretty minor I would say meaning they are not that deep and I've only had them for about 7 months. I'm wondering if it's possible to diminish them even to the point of them being almost unnoticeable? I've been using bio oil and meladerm but I'm not sure how effective those are. I hear the Retin-A works fairly well at ridding minor scarring. If there's any of you that could give me some advice I'd appreciat