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  1. From the album: Me on Accutane.

    i do have scaring on this side, but i'm very prone to that. so the keloids are there but overal my skin is 500 % and i can deal with this little imperfection. overall Accutane was worth all the time it took but i think it was worth it and i hope others realize it also. It was so hard going on months thinking, "whats the point?!" well i hoope my pictures are inspirations to anyone who needs a little hope to continue on.
  2. kjohnson9955

    Me on Accutane.

    Hopefully this will all go away and i can feel better about how i look.Lets see if this is worth my time.
  3. From the album: Me on Accutane.

    i finished Accutane in March so 6 months later and i'm very happy with the results!
  4. From the album: Me on Accutane.

    i'm still amazed how good my skin has become. i never thought it would be true, but it was all worth the effort. No one should give up and in the end you will be beautiful too!
  5. From the album: Me on Accutane.

    months later and im still clear. also i'm getting married in 2 weeks! thanks to Accutane I'll be the beautiful bride I've always wanted to be!
  6. wow thank you...that has to be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. i tihnk you made my day.. =)
  7. From the album: Me on Accutane.

    Improvement is all i ask.