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  1. a few years back this fucking boy in class said i don't wanna sit at your seat.......i might get your acne WTF
  2. does anyone has this problem recently there have been acne like on my thighs? is this normal or ok? i m scared!! i hope it will go soon =X
  3. i thought of being a dermatologist in the future....but i will be different i guess...i will be able to really understand what the patient is going through....
  4. ok so i m a girl with bacne and face acne.....everywhere i go i see girls wearing tank tops ,tube strap dress, n i m just plain jealous of them! like seriously...all i can wear is t-shirt or some top tat will cover my back....arggh oh man it just sux man. i would like stare at their flawless back LOL like some sicko....haha....i want to go shopping without a care if the top if gonna expose my acne!!!!!!
  5. oh man it suck when i go shopping and see many pretty tops that i can't buy.....and just when i thought my back is clearing there is a breakout!!!! damn....pretty tank tops when can i ever wear them again
  6. hey thx todd!! really appreciate that:)
  7. acne has ruined my life but god put me through this for a good reason that i had yet to discover
  8. my bacne has been improving but in this last few days there is a breakout of acne on my back and shoulder!!!!!! i dread bathing nowadays don't even want to look at my back......it is so irritating my years of effort is like wasted...spending like 1h everyday to bathe arggggg
  9. well kept on staring into the reflection at the train station to see if my face had became worse o.o well in the end kinda give up and stop staring...since you can't spot new ones you won't feel so bad! I feel really frustrated when a new one pop out and i keep on thinking about it...
  10. Hey guys my dermatologist offered me accutane. However, after some medical check up i was diagnose with high cholesterol and hence unable to consume accutane. Don't know whether it was a good thing....I can't believe i have high cholesterol at 16!!! anyone having the same problems?
  11. erm face is mainly on the cheeks..which is like scarring. As for body acne i have it on my back chest and recently a breakout on my upper shoulders!!! You suffer from body and face acne too?
  12. Hi there guys...i m new to this website...well i suffer from face acne and bad acne....arghh its horrible...