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  1. Apologies everyone for taking so long to reply. I actually don't have internet access right now due to an unfortunate technological incident. (I'm writing this at the library.) And yes, I've found that when I'm actually disciplined enough to keep up with a quasi-daily exercise regimen, stress just slides off of me, even if I don't manage to work out every day. Besides the physiological and chemical reasons, it also helps take your mind off the everyday dreck of life, and there's nothing like th
  2. Thanks, BenKweller and blackbirdbeatle. I really appreciate it. Yeah, cortisol alters mood and reasoning abilities as well, which is why I really need to start getting more protein in my diet. But that's another story altogether. Where might one acquire (download?) these binaural beats?
  3. Hey, all you learned people in the Diet and Holistic Health forum: Sorry to revive an old thread, but I thought it'd be more considerate than starting one of my own. As I'm sure many of you know, exam season for us college kids is probably the most stressful time of year, both psychologically and physiologically. The stress manifests itself in our hormone production (cortisol and adrenaline, anyone?), our diet (who has time to cook when there's desperate studying to do?), sleep deprivation, an
  4. How long after you exert energy/sweat does it take for your face to break out? If it's an almost immediate reaction, you might benefit from seeing a dermatologist to figure out if there's another underlying cause. A thyroid disorder, for instance. If it takes a little while (let's say a few hours to half a day or so), it might be due to the fact that your body maintains different concentrations of hormones for hours after physical exertion (to promote the metabolism of fats, proteins, etc); you
  5. I had this exact problem for years before I finally worked out a process that worked for me. Keep in mind that everyone's skin chemistry and physiology is slightly different, so it may not necessarily work for you, but it's worth a shot. I've managed to clear my forehead 100% with this routine: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...39entry401439 I hope the link works. Computers are my enemy. For context, you might want to check out the entire thread.
  6. Everything you need to know should be in the 'Red Marks and Hyperpigmentation' forum FAQ and the 'Scar Treatment' forum. You might want to browse through both to get a better idea of how to distinguish between the two, and what measures to take to avoid or heal them. Essentially, red marks are temporary inflammations, manifestations of the healing process that can anywhere from a few months to more than a year to fade, while scar tissue is quasi-permanent; the discolouration/indentation may or
  7. So, what happened? Blindingly phosphorescent glow? Nothing at all? Come on, the suspense is killing me.
  8. Well, for starters, I hope you've stopped using the soap. It sounds like the problem is the difference in water quality between where you live and where your cousin lives (especially since "the hills" seems to imply a rural setting). The disparities in water hardness, pH, minerals, pollutants, chemicals, etc between rural and urban environments might be responsible for how your skin has been reacting. My suggestion, if you're still breaking out, is to switch back to whatever cleansing routin
  9. Well, I know that a lot of people have had some real problems with the bleaching effects of BP (on both clothing and hair), so I'm only speaking for myself when I say that I've never found it to be an issue at all. I wear almost exclusively black clothing, much of which touches my face during the day (i.e. scarves, headbands, hoods, sleeves/arm warmers when I touch my face, etc), but I've never found any evidence of discolouration at all, on anything (including pillowcases). I also have black h
  10. Bonjour, fellow Canucks. I hope the weather has been treating all of you with kindness and decency. I was just wondering if anyone knows where Oxy5 Vanishing Lotion might be cheaply available in or around the Thornhill/Markham/Richmond Hill/Toronto area. It's a fabulously effective product that I highly recommend for anyone with oily skin and/or moderate acne, whether or not you follow The Regimen, but it comes in an infuriatingly small container (around 25 ml). I've been buying it at Shoppers
  11. Yeah, I would say it's pretty much normal. If you've had acne for more than a few years, and if most of your face has been affected by it at one time or another (which is the case for most of us lifelong acne veterans), it's not unexpected for areas around the active lesions to be "splotchier" in appearance, either darker or slightly flakier than the unaffected areas of your face, let's say, for instance, your neck. Keep in mind that the infection is not just restricted to the "spot" itself (i.e
  12. Yeah, those of us with extremely oily skin can generally tolerate both BP and salicylic acid just fine. My SA of choice is C&C Advantage and/or C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub, both of which contain 2% salicylic acid, if I'm not mistaken. Both are quite effective in combination with Oxy 2.5% BP Vanishing Lotion. Clearasil Total Control All-day Mattifying Moisturizer is a decent moisturizer for the areas around the eyes, but the very slight residue it leaves takes some getting used to. Be
  13. Note: I originally posted a version of this in the Canadian Regimen Supplies forum (as a response to a thread about PanOxyl) but I later realized that it was the wrong forum for this kind of discussion. Apologies for the double-post. I was just wondering, for anyone who might have experience in the area: Do you find that there is a difference between alcohol-based gels and aqueous-based gels in terms of performance, how drying/irritating it is, its efficacy, etc? PanOxyl sells two kinds of
  14. I was just wondering, for anyone who might be familiar with this product: Do you find that there is a difference between the alcohol-based gel and the aqueous-based gel in terms of performance, how drying/irritating it is, etc? I believe both are called PanOxyl Antibacterial Acne Gel, with 5% benzoyl peroxide; it's just the base that's different. According to the boxes, the alcohol-based one is for "oily skin," while the water-based one is for "sensitive skin." I have very oily skin, so I've
  15. Fair enough. It's easier to have an actual constructive discussion when the parties involved understand where others are coming from, what kind of background they have, exactly where they stand on the issues at hand and why, and so on. Thanks for clearing that up for us. Don't be taken aback by some of the animosity you're encountering. Your initial posts came off (inadvertently, I can only assume) as rather belligerent in character, and likely made for a poor first impression on the community.
  16. Mr Wiggles, I'm still curious about your motivations (please see my initial post above), and I'm sure many others in the community share my concerns. Again, this is not meant as an accusation. It is pure curiosity, and it might also help us understand where you're coming from, and why. Why are you so committed to dissuading a group of strangers whom you've never met from the use of bp? Is this just a personal crusade, for private-yet-powerful reasons? Perhaps you've experienced some undesirabl
  17. Mr Wiggles, A question for you. This is purely out of curiosity and not meant to be accusatory in any way, so please read with an objective eye. Why is it that you are so strongly motivated to dissuade strangers, people who you've never met and likely never will, from the use of a substance you clearly don't use yourself? Whether it is as harmful as you claim or not, you are obviously facing some fairly passionate opposition, and from people who have invested quite a bit of time and energy int