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  1. im trying to... i didnt come on the forum for a couple weeks or a week to stay away... i came on here to vent in the height of my anger and frustration... everything hit me all at once.. girl issues, scar, car accident... subcision... work stress... Adult life inst good Any ideas on things to do to keep your mind occupied? like working out and running is one... video games and movies/tv shows is another... going out can be double edged because u want to look good when u meet new
  2. i ended up with a depressed line line area... nothing raised... I am not experiencing hypertrophic... it perhaps was the area of entry that left indent... I am going back to the doc at end of month and hoping that he can fix this completely and that it looks way better after... I am hoping this isnt law of diminishing returns because subcision has helped my right cheek in past in fact this time my right cheek did improve yet again with little to no issues after.... this is my first L
  3. go out and live life and quit your b***ing.. its notbhing
  4. how is the dermarolling going? also please keep us updated...
  5. dude you are fine... seriously? is that a joke. have you seen what other people are dealin with? not trying to sound like an ass but that is NOTHING...
  6. am trying to do... any ideas on how to take your mind off of it? dudley good to see you still post here... how did all your fraxels end up going? I am still scared of laser.... Also, Dudley and sapphire... I use tazorac now which is like a topical retinoid... but different chemically... do you think there is a difference in the two concoctions that would help better with acne scarring than the other?? Also, do you think that one perhaps is better for acne than the other? I do use tazor
  7. i dont smoke cigarettes... I had a car accident on top of it which sucked... i also had a girl visit me that im not sure where things stand with her... this all happened within one week... but looking at my face in the mirror today makes me feel a pit in my stomach and see this new line-ish type area on my left cheek which I CAUSED because i went to get subcision... very very upsetting. I experienced a line once from subcision and never did any procedure to my left cheek which was my "
  8. i have done a few scar techniques... I did subcision 4 times now total and dermabrasion once... dermbrasion sucked bad.... and finally skin is better after a couple years healing time. Subcision helped some things and created new issues first time around created a line on my right cheek... then i did subcision twice more on my problem right cheek (both of which improved it) recently I did subcision a week and a half ago on both cheeks and my left cheek has some issues now i no
  9. pursuit, can you tell me more about your sponatneous scarring? were u ever on accutane? do you use retinoids or tazorac?? let me know plus let me know if you want to chat some time i am 26 years old and a guy
  10. has anyone done subcision and gotten line scars after?
  11. So I won't bore everyone with entire history... I have posted here before etc. I have had subcision when i was 22 it gave me a line scar on my right cheek fairly sharp... did dermabrasion a year after that and that made skin appear a little different the dermabrasion was only done on right cheek btw. That didnt fix the line scar completely and made my skin appear a bit uneven... finally a bit better after two years healing and two subcisions with a different new doctor in fort lauderdale fl..
  12. anyone done this to any actual success? for shallow, ice pick? rolling? does it affect tone, is this LEGIT? seriously.
  13. hows the taz going for u? i used to do taz/bp now just taz... im 26 if i stop using taz i breakout
  14. hows it going? i use tazorac 1% but am debating making the switch to retina? does anyone know of the material differences?
  15. i feel like i have a scar that formed on my cheek left where recently out of no where