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  1. In 5 month of BP i got 15+ scars never had a single one before it, i recently stopped and in 3 days my red marks are recovering. However if the scarring stopped or not i do not know yet ill keep you guys posted.
  2. Did the scarring from bp stop for any of you guys after you stopped using it ?
  3. Funny thing is before BP my scabs would fall off after 5 days or so and i would be left with perfect white skin underneath it, i never knew how lucky i was to have that. After 2 month or so of BP my skin started staying red after scabs came off.
  4. At first used bp twice a day and after a few month only once a day, past month i was mostly clear with only 4 pimples. But guess what all of those 4 left a deep ice pick scar. I wish i simply left my skin be and not use anything other than a face wash. Right now i have a lot of scaring but hell im a man ill live with it, my only hope is for my skin to return to its former non scaring self.
  5. Well Im stopping BP tonight and hopefully ill have different results. How did BP effect you exactly ?
  6. I've had acne for 4 years now, never a scar. I first got bp in december. Fast forward 5 month I have 15 scars on my face. BP destroyed my skin, however i am mostly clear. However every new pimple i get seems to scar. And no they are not red marks they are deep scars. My question is will stopping BP return my skin to normal ?
  7. BP destroyed my skin, before i never scarred. Few month into BP im dealing with scars. Does anyone know if stopping will return my skin to normal ?
  8. My red marks usually go away in a couple of month. However there is one red mark on my chin that i had for a year now and its not even getting any lighter, i put AHA on it twice a day with no result. It has been as red as day one of me getting it for a year now with zero improvement. Is it ever going to fade or its going to be a permanent one ? Also as red marks get older is it harder to get rid of them or treatments work as well on new and old red marks ?
  9. I was on the regime for the past month and it has helped quite a bit. However my main issue is whiteheads and pustules on my chin. Currently i follow this: - wash with purpose gentle cleansing wash - dans bp - dans aha at night and complex 15 at mornings. I've been thinking about trying BHA facewash in the mornins since i do not use AHA durring that time but i seen people saying that salicylic acid (bha) and bp doesnt mix well. So should i use bha with bp or is it not recommended. Im trying to