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  1. No I'm on spironolactone to control my hormonal acne. I really don't get regular acne, either cysts or these really deep clogs. It's so frustrating.
  2. I've had a small bump on my cheek for 4 months now. I have tried to pop it myself but I cannot get it to go away. I've tried taz and retin a but all it does is peel away the top layer. I went to an esthetician yesterday and she prepped skin and gave it 2 pushes with a comedone extractor and said it's too deep. Does something like this call for a cortisone shot? I don't know how to make it go away.
  3. I got this once and it resolved on my own after 2 1/2 weeks. I would not put any fillers in it. Look into saline injections if you really can't wait. But I was freaking out as well and it went away on its own without doing anything.
  4. Use sunblock all over. Also use zinc on the spots as well as a concealer with SPF. That's what I do.
  5. I got my period then it stopped for 1 week and been spotting blood ever since. Don't know what to do but I can't go back on BCP.
  6. Hello, I stopped yasmin about 7 weeks ago. I'm on a low dose of spiro 50 mg. Immediately after stoppoing Yasmin I got my period. Then 29 days later I got my second period. It stopped after 7 days. Was fine for 5 days then i got another period - more like spotting. Is this normal after stopping yasmin? Or could it be the low dose spiro?
  7. yasmin. I thought the spiro would control this. as of now no breakouts but the oil makes me worried I will break out
  8. Try taking DIM - it helps to flush out toxins and excess estrogen the BCP causes. Diet will help as well.
  9. Try upping your Spiro. I dropped my BCP about a 1 month ago and 2 weeks later my skin got oily but no breakouts. I am also taking DIM so I would recommend that as well.
  10. Well I've only been off the bcp for 1 week so no breakouts. How long are you off? You can try DIM. I believe there is one by Natures Way that has good ratings. I am unsure if I want to take it though. Might want to see if spiro will control stuff first but don't know.
  11. I'm on Spiro and stopped Yasmin last Friday. I went to a Naturopath yesterday and she suggested adding DIM. I really don't want to take anything that's putting synthetic hormones in me. Does it? I don't think so bc it's natural but unsure. Also is there any real need to take both?
  12. I did something similar. I stopped taking bcp while on Spiro. I've been told by 4 diff Drs that I should not break out. Spiro blocks what bcp puts in us to stop acne. Of course there is no guarantee with anything but if it should happen may not be too bad. My naturopath suggested adding DIM - any experience with this?