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  1. No I'm on spironolactone to control my hormonal acne. I really don't get regular acne, either cysts or these really deep clogs. It's so frustrating.
  2. I've had a small bump on my cheek for 4 months now. I have tried to pop it myself but I cannot get it to go away. I've tried taz and retin a but all it does is peel away the top layer. I went to an esthetician yesterday and she prepped skin and gave it 2 pushes with a comedone extractor and said it's too deep. Does something like this call for a cortisone shot? I don't know how to make it go away.
  3. I got this once and it resolved on my own after 2 1/2 weeks. I would not put any fillers in it. Look into saline injections if you really can't wait. But I was freaking out as well and it went away on its own without doing anything.
  4. How many shots will I need and how many days apart? Did it work for you?
  5. Use sunblock all over. Also use zinc on the spots as well as a concealer with SPF. That's what I do.
  6. And how soon can I get saline injections? Any products I can use?
  7. I got my period then it stopped for 1 week and been spotting blood ever since. Don't know what to do but I can't go back on BCP.
  8. Hello, I stopped yasmin about 7 weeks ago. I'm on a low dose of spiro 50 mg. Immediately after stoppoing Yasmin I got my period. Then 29 days later I got my second period. It stopped after 7 days. Was fine for 5 days then i got another period - more like spotting. Is this normal after stopping yasmin? Or could it be the low dose spiro?
  9. I got my 2nd period like normal but then it stopped and now 5 days later in bleeding again. Is this a result of stopping bcp or Spiro?
  10. yasmin. I thought the spiro would control this. as of now no breakouts but the oil makes me worried I will break out
  11. Try taking DIM - it helps to flush out toxins and excess estrogen the BCP causes. Diet will help as well.
  12. Try upping your Spiro. I dropped my BCP about a 1 month ago and 2 weeks later my skin got oily but no breakouts. I am also taking DIM so I would recommend that as well.