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  1. Wow, ANOTHER long time no post!! And guess what? I've aged in the process!! Yup, I'm now officially fourteen. Weellll, I changed my regimen again. This time, I've added..... Bum bum BBUUMMM!!! The Clarisonic!! I wasn't even going to use it, but my mom was nagging me to "try something new, you don't know what you're doing, I know better even though I get one spot a year, blah blah blah" and then she found an ad for the Clarisonic and started raving about it. So I did some research and it look
  2. I'm kinda scared, kinda excited. Scared because my face is freaking EXPLODING right now, and not even in zits, just red marks! But it's a week ago, and that's gotta be enough time for an improvement! Also I'm scared because honestly, my personality changes like every other day. One day I'll be happy, sunny, and outgoing, the next day I'll just stand there looking awkward. But I will conquer my violent personality swings, I promise!! I can do it!! But I'm also excited because I just hate having
  3. Cute pic! Did you go on Jurassic Park: THE RIDE? I went to Universal Studios when I was like 12 but chickened out. I SO regret it to this day! :( Yeah, it was really fun! We rode it while waiting in line for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on the grand opening, and after over four hours of waiting in 95 degree heat and extreme humidity, the water looked pretty inviting. There was only one big drop, so I'm sure you would've been fine! And it definitely helped cool us down for the next t
  4. I just hit puberty, and I've been on a good regimen. And yet, still some acne. Im not going to let acne stop me from having children. I dunno what it is, but I've always wanted to be a mom. I tell my parents that my life's dream is to go to Harvard and to be a surgeon, which it is still I suppose, but my bigger dream to be happily married and have kids. And who knows, maybe the guy I end up with have beautiful clear skin that my children will inherit. Also, I hate being an optimist, but h
  5. Bad. Mostly because I asked my dad to pick up some more moisturizer for me, and then he calls going, Okay I got it and some soap for you to wash your face with, because you need to change up your regimen since it's not working. I was like, HUH?? Uh, okay, no way in HECKA am I using freaking SOAP to wash my face. And he was all, But I use that! Well dad, you're the only one in the family with ACNE SCARS, so how do ya think that's working out for you?? Stuff like that just really irks me. Bes
  6. You guys are all just so BEAUTIFUL! I'm jealous. Age: Almost 14 (in 12 days!) Nationality: Caucasian American Where ya live: Minnesota! I have barely any pictures saved on my computer, so I had to take one on Photobooth. The second one is me at Universal Studios. Awkward position and all, but still, T-REX!
  7. Ugh. Ughie-dougie-doug. My face is STILL a complete mess. Even more so of, actually. And I can't stop picking! I picked at two last night, and two this morning. I'm pretty much completely void of emotion at the moment, though, so sorry for the boring post. Literally. I have no emotions. I'm morphing into a robot. UGHH. I just want to have fun, but how can you when you look and feel like an alien species? My whole face is covered in red marks and scabs. And for some reason, even though I've got
  8. I've had acne for about a year and a half now, but it feels like forever. Honestly, I feel like the time before I had acne was part of another life. Some long-forgotten half life. When I was carefree, when I didn't wash my face, when I hung out with friends everyday, when nothing held me back from social situations. And the thing that scares me most is that it's actually probably going to get worse than this in the future. I'm only 13, almost 14, and therefore have nearly all of my teenage yea
  9. Something happened. I don't know what it was, or why it was, but something happened in late June/early July that caused my skin to set out to murder me. I didn't change anything! Nothing! But suddenly why skin just went full-throttle make Samantha as miserable as you possibly can mood. I'm now experiencing a breakout to rival the awful one I had last month. Oh wait. Nope. Last TWO FREAKING WEEKS ago, because my period has also decided to make me as miserable as is possible. I have only like tw
  10. Yay! More Harry Potter fans!!

    1. Exactly what BeadyB said. Just being able to fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie without having to wake up panicked about how you didn't do your regimen. Being able to wake up in the morning and just GO. Being able to swim without worrying about what your bare face looks like. Being able to sit close to people without scooting away or worrying about how bad your face looks. Eating boatloads of candy at the movies with your friends without feeling anxious about a breakout.
    2. EEEEEEE. EEEEEWWWWOOOOYYEAAHHBAABBYY!! I had a super de duper BLAST tonight amigos! It was fantabulous! We won both games, and then went out for ice cream at DQ and had a PARTAY!! It was the most fun I've had in a really long time, and I barely even spared a single thought to acne. And although I'm probably going to break out because I had a Oreo blizzard (choco-latte!) I honestly don't really care. Because I had so much fun in the process, it was worth it, I think. I've just been in an ove
    3. I'm already back for a brief update! It's a sad one though. I've got two more that developed overnight. I pray that those are the last of it though. Both of them are on my stupid chin. Goodness gravy, I hate my chin with a passion. Other than that, nothing new! I'm going to my softball tournament right now. We played last night and got absolutely slaughtered. We lost both games. The first was all exciting and we were sure we were going to win, since it was tied up in extra innings, and then
    4. I'm scared. Like, shaking in my boots terrified. Because I think I have a serious problem with my hormones. You know how I was talking about my period and stuff about three-ish weeks ago? And how I was breaking out because of it? Well, it ended maybe two and half weeks ago, and guess what? I HAVE IT FREAKING AGAIN. Already. I told my mom and the first thing she said? That's really not normal. Now she's keeping track of it on a calender. Keeping track of my periods! I feel like a duck that's been
    5. I can totally relate. My two sisters both have amazing skin, and all they use is a face wash, and not even an expensive one! They'll buy some Neutrogena cleanser from the drugstore and be perfectly clear the whole month expect for one zit during their monthly. Granted they are 18 and 23, but it's always been like that. But at least my brother can semi-relate to me. He gets zits too, and he's 21. Which kinda scares me, because what if I still am getting zits at 21 (while I'm only 13 now)? Howeve