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  1. I usually have luck treating larger pimples that come and go but I notice I get a lot of little ones around my mouth. They are small and have a white head area, but the head never fully surfaces. Then they stay forever (2+ months) until I pick at them to clear them out. By that time the pimple has ran its course and the only think left is leftover white chalky textured remains. How can I open these up/get them to clear out without trying to squeeze them?
  2. Do they soak into the skin and fight the infection within? Or is it a surface thing? I know SA is an exfoliant, but I can't see how taking off the top few layers of skin would help if the whole pore is clogged down into the skin.
  3. I have always had constant mild acne with the occasional once a week breakout. I thought before it was because of weight training everyday, but I think I've pinned it down to milk and or dairy. I would lift then have 8 oz of milk at dinner 4oz cottage cheese Fruit on the bottom yogurt 8oz milk before bed 8oz milk in the morning and it would kill my skin I still would like to drink milk though, and knowing the levels of hormones added to regular skim milk, could I drink organic? O
  4. I know it has been discussed over and over and I do believe pleasing yourself could be related but I was wondering something else. If you already have red marks or facial scabs, does masturbating elongate the time needed for the face to repair itself?
  5. I have read and read on the topic and from what I can tell masturbation causes testosterone rushes which can lead to increased acne. I will even say that I went a week w/o it and I still had little pimples, but no big cysts. Now I am curious.. for those who think they know anything about this, would any frequency of masturbation aggravate the issue or do the problems only arise when one does it often?
  6. Kylelipp

    Moisturized Plugged up pores Made healing acne re-inflame I am one of those people who pops their big ugly white heads and this stuff didn't seem to help the acne problem at all. If moisturized nicely but if I had a healing zit it would just re-clog it up. Maybe I was using a little too much, maybe not. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Kylelipp

    Keeps acne under control Minimal Breakouts Has to be used continuously Doesn't moisturize very much This product is great at helping keep Acne away, but the Salicylic Acid tends to impair the moisturizing capabilities a little. You can get the generic Target brand for a little less. I sometimes get flaky skin while using it, but nowhere near as bad if I didn't use anything at all. So far, it is the best I have found.
  8. I use Cetaphil. It keeps my Acne at bay and I have even noticed it calm my skin down significantly. It can be drying though. As long as you have a moisturizer that works well, it should pair perfectly.
  9. I, like everyone else, am trying to get a moisturizer that well help me out with out flaking or clogging pores. I have moderately oily skin as well. So far I have tried Target's brand of Salicylic Acid-facial moisturizer and it works wonders, but it makes the area around my mouth get extremely red, dry, and flaky. I next bought Cetaphil's face wash which has been wonderful, but their brand of moisturizer just makes me greasy and broken out. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Hey guys, I just found a brand new site that has a few tips on it. It has really helped me out especially the pillow case trick. The acne on my face probably reduced about 50% after trying some of the tips at the site. clearskin.spruz.com
  11. I had a very large painful pimple come to a head so I preceded to pop it. It did burst open and feels a lot better now but it is very red and swollen. How can I get rid of this?
  12. I hardly have any acne at all ever, but lately, my face has been breaking out uncontrollably. Most new pimples I am getting are hard painful ones and are forming about 1-2 new ones every day. I have tried BP, washing correctly thrice a day, using non oil based moisturizers, and cleaning with alcohol. I am also not picking at them. What should I do?