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  1. I'm really sorry to hear what happened to you Cade. And thanks for warning us of your experience. Despite the severe damage caused to your skin, I do believe your skin can recover with the right therapy. It might take lots of research & seeing a tonne of professionals, but I'm sure you can recover your skin's health. (After all, some people can grow back a set of whole teeth!). You might wish to look into beta glucan serum (and supplements too, the 1-3D variety). Perhaps, a medical grade
  2. You should read many reviews on this board & elsewhere & PM members that have successfully tried these peels. They can be very helpful if done right. But if you aren't skilled/ experienced at using them, they can cause more scarring. Please research thoroughly. I think Mr Matt has tried it. Perhaps read his threads for advice or PM him. Best to start at the lowest strength & start slow. And better to go the cautious route & build on good results, than be hasty & end-up havi
  3. Your GP is a big dill & a pimp/ saleman for big pharma crap!!! Acne scars are 100% treatable !!!! Please read threads/ testimonies on skin needling, intracell, TCA cross, single needling, cupping etc, light therapy. And see owndoc.com for more scar revision options/ advice. You also need to eat mostly super raw vegan organic wholefoods/ superfoods that are nutritious & healthy if you want clear skin. Also drink spring water or fresh fruit/ veg juices only. Avoid tap water, sodas, cof
  4. Yes, diet is crucial to healing, I agree with you Robertitoo PS You might also like to consider light therapy too. I've not used it, but have heard good reports. Please research extensively & read Ocelet_Liquid's testimony.
  5. Hi LeadingForce Ice pick scars can heal 100%. The skin/ collagen regenerates every three months! Besides the TCA cross (NOTE please be very careful with this modality & research best methods or see a highly skilled expert... also check-out realself.com for risk prevention advice too), look into single needling & cupping/ suctioning therapy (see owndoc.com). You might like to use either a copper peptide solution with needling or vitamin c serum (owndoc.com sell a vitamin C DIY powder
  6. Hi Kjoy31 There are many dermarolling threads on this forum. Please research them all as they contain vital information which will help you begin your derma rolling journey. However, you also need to research beyond this forum. A good place to start is owndoc.com . Personally, I used the skin roller from clearskincare.com.au . But their needle is short. I coupled this with more intensive single needling for more stubborn scar areas. Please see owndoc.com for details. I also recommend using
  7. What's invisible scars & hypoallergenic scar therapy? Do you have weblinks to information? Cheers
  8. Please research this method thoroughly, while it can help some people, there are horror stories on www.realself.com re this method. Also, you might like to PM some veterans that have successfully used the TCA cross method in the past for advice too. All the best !
  9. Scarcrash, I have the right to defend my assertions on this thread or anywhere else people wrongly accuse me or misrepresent my views. I'm not peddling propaganda. Perhaps you could help yourself by listening to alternate points of view (and other natural health therapy options), instead of cultivating a defeatist attitude? Cheers
  10. Yes, Hiddy Cheeks, if you eat natural foods and drink spring water/ fresh veg/ fruit juices, it will greatly help your skin health/ overall health. Avoiding junk/ artificial foods & topicals is also vital for healthy skin. Natural food is indeed good medicine!! Btw, I posted this info below elsewhere and thought you and others would benefit from it: The importance of sunlight/ vitamin D http://www.naturalne.../Vitamin_D.html The diet acne link: http://www.webmd.com...s-for-your-skin h
  11. I'm sure you'll see great benefits! Just make sure you take 2000micrograms of B12 per week! This is vital!!! I'd also advise taking an organic Deva nutrition multivitamin, or a wholefood multivitamin by Dr Ben Kim. A scoop of organic super green powder (chorella/ wheatgrass/ spirulina) in fresh veg/ fruit juices would also be helpful. And don't forget chia seeds, grapeseed oil, flaxseed and/ or DHA/ EPA/ Omega 3 algae supplementation by Deva Nutrition. (Sea vegetables/ kelp are also good fo
  12. No, I will not cease from making my point. This isn't a minor point to be swept under the carpet. The genetic argument causes people much pro-longed suffering because they feel dis-empowered to help themselves! When in fact, they can clear / heal their skin by addressing their diet/ lifestyle/ using key topicals/ trialing effective, yet safe scar revision therapy!!! It might take years to recover (1 to 5 years), but your skin heals every 3 months. So what are YOU doing TODAY to maximize your he
  13. Jfiligree, you are totally ignorant about the importance of vitamin d from sunlight. Please research for your own benefit!!!
  14. You are going to write off years of research by thousands of people on the causes of acne because of your one, single case study and feel ok saying anyone who doesn't believe a bad diet causes acne is "intellectually challenged"? Actually, the science in this area is far from settled and there is a significant school of thought to the effect that there is a relationship between diet and acne. See for instance the comments in the article at the link below about acne and the western diet and th
  15. If they eat crap, they might still have beautiful skins (perhaps their bodies don't detox well; NB I personally see acne as a sign that a person has a very good detoxification system!!) , but I can tell you with certainty, that if they continue to eat crap, their livers, kidneys, hearts, digestive system (and even their skins will start to age considerably too over time), their organs will continue to rot & they will become just another cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc statistic!