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  1. I too used to be confused with this issue.. The summertime was the only time when my acne would actually improve when I tanned in the sun. Not only would the tan make my skin look better, there was always a huge notable decrease in acne. Thinking that I finally found a cure, I began going to a tanning salon in the fall, only to find that things were made worse. Yes, I was getting a tan, but my acne was getting worse. After a little bit of research, I found an answer that makes alot of se
  2. Good luck man. 80 mg does seem pretty high, but has a pretty good chance of curing you for good. I wish I had done this at 17 when it was first recommended to me, I'm 21 and on it now.
  3. Hmmm.. That is concerning. That's just what my derm told me, I thought that 4 months seemed kind of short, but I read that a typical course is 15-20 weeks, which is about 4 or 5 months. As well my acne at this point is pretty far from what would be considered severe (no cysts or nodules), and I am 21 years old, so maybe he thinks that should do it. Thanks though, I'll ask him next meeting.
  4. Hey Kris, For the rash, I would recommend "Lanacaine".. I always seem to get an itchy rash around my waist this time of year (non accutane related), and it can last for weeks... This is the first year I picked something up for it, and it worked great. Took away the itch immediately, and started healing it pretty fast too.
  5. Day 6 Well it was my sixth Accutane pill today and the best word to describe the condition of my skin is sporadic. At times it is dry and flaky, sunburn like redness comes and goes, and at times it is still quite oily. The second best word to describe it is hideous. The oily, flaky, redness does not look so good. However I'm not really bothered by it because I can finally be (mostly) sure it will all be over in four months. The pores on my nose and the sides of nose seem to be clearing, I h
  6. Yeah it's funny how many people think solving acne is as simple as proactive, washing your face, or not eating junk food. Do they think we are just too stupid or lazy that we live with horrible acne for the sake of not washing our face? If that's all it took I'd probably have the best skin in the world right now. Haha I even tried one of those stupid "anti acne" diets where you give up coffee, dairy, meat, sugar and basically anything easy... Did that for a month, and things still deteriorat
  7. Day 4 Well it is the end of day 4 on 40mg/day, and I'm happy to report that it's working. Starting yesterday after a shower, my face felt pretty dry, and was quite red. It was basically the exact same as a sunburn... It definitely didn't look good, but at least I know something's happening haha. Unfortunately, just like a sunburn, the dryness was compensated later with excess oil, however today in the evening there was less of that effect than yesterday. I'm hoping that reduction continues.
  8. Hey RRW, fellow Vancouverite!.. Haha you know I had one of those stupid booth people stop me too, it was "instant beauty".. Thankfully I was alone, but I thought it was strange he was stopping a guy.. Anyways I'm too nice and I went along with his sales presentation about some kind of hand stuff... And then of course he points out my bad skin (and it would normally have bothered me more but i knew I was going on accutane at the time) and he goes on about how it would clear it.... Right, I've
  9. Wow that was really rude. Haha I hate proactive with a passion, partly becuase it does not work, but mostly because everyone sees those commercials and believe that clearing acne is as simple as proactive. It's so awkward watching tv with someone when Jessica Simpson comes on, going on about it showing her "awful skin" of about 4 blemishes... Haha I just wait for someone to say something. At my school whenever the subject of acne comes up, people always think it's because of unhealthy eatin
  10. Yay I am your first comment... as a fellow acne sufferer (since 11 yrs old) I understand. I am not on accutane though. If you would like a friend on here I am happy to help in anyway possible.

  11. Thanks Kimminz. Haha I guess one of the benefits to waiting so long and reading so many people's logs is I mostly know what I should and shouldn't do. For moistuizer I have cetaphil which I've seen recommended, and for lips I have Blistex Clear Advance (I'm a guy so its nice not to look like I'm wearing lip gloss)... Hopefuly that will be enough, but I also have Blistex Lip Medex which is a bit more heavy duty I think.
  12. Well like alot of people, I've finally decided to give in and use accutane at 21 years old. I've been avoiding it since age 16 when it was first suggested to me, and I think the breaking point was feeling like an idiot crushing up asprin to put on my face only to have it look horrible for a week. That and realizing how many hours of my life I've wasted searching for ridiculous waste of time "cures". I've dealt with acne since 13, and it basically got worse every year after that. Of course I'