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  1. I will resume the hunt the week after next. I have given up on attempts to work within the bureau since I haven't heard back from them. Temp agencies, here I come!

  2. Congrats on going to beauty school! I wish that I had been an esthetician. I think you will be great at it, though. The peel is working. My entire face is peeling. It is worthless as far as helping the pitting and hyperpigmentation, though. The skin is more tight and the pores smaller. As for the job, I have postponed looking while trying to get the peels taken care of. I will resume the hunt

  3. I am too! It seems that everything is peeling this time as opposed to the flaking of a few areas with the last peel. Summer... warmth! It would be nice to not have to worry about snow and ice. How are you doing? Sorry I didn't get to participate in your survey. I just found out about it yesterday. :(

  4. Hey, friend! LOVELY picture!!!! Just tried my second peel. Better luck this time. I am actually peeling, though not everywhere. So, how are you doing?

  5. Yeah, just a little frosting. Not much on my cheeks and forehead. For some reason, those areas don't get too much of anything. Ah well. It seems to be a slight improvement on last time.
  6. I will be performing my second attempt at a chemical peel tonight. Hopefully I will have better luck this time around. Update: It burned so bad that I was crying. A suggestion: Use a paint brush to apply the TCA. I applied the first layer with a cotton ball, but the second with a paint brush. I got frosting this time with the second layer, but only in a few small areas.
  7. You are very welcome. I am glad that I could help in some way. I think a glycolic acid peel is a good start, but isn't the lactic acid peel more for hyperpigmentation problems? I am not sure about those peels. It looks like glycolic acid is more for exfoliation purposes from looking it over on MUAC. I am considering getting the lactic acid peel to use between TCA peels, as I will continue to use them, but I am thinking that I will be using a higher concentration from now on. But, good choice. Pl
  8. Clockwork, my results are unique to myself and may end up being different for you. Feel free to take a look at my profile and check out my blog. I created an entry specifically for myself so that I can keep track of when I performed the peel (for future reference to determine when the next should be performed) and the regimen I used each day so that if I do future peels I can figure out what works post-peel and what I should expect for each day. My peel is as if I never applied it in the fir
  9. I am thinking of doing another one this week again but I don't want to damage my skin since it says to wait two or three weeks. I can't wait that long, though. I am putting off job hunting to do this and I don't want to put it off an additional week more. I really need a job!

  10. I wish, but they pretty much said we would know in two weeks and it has been almost three weeks. :( Wow! You sound exceptionally busy. How do you have time to comment back? LOL I am sure you will do excellent with your new job. It is a real new job or a promotion within your company? Congratulations either way! Yeah, I don't know about the peel. I am very disappointed. I am thinking of

  11. Brochure said frosting is common with 15% but I got none and I applied two layers. So what are you keeping yourself busy with? Have a good day.

  12. Oh, I thought the interview went very well. MUCH better than the last one. I just haven't heard back from them. It was a TCA 15% peel from MUAC. Yep, did a lot of research online. Majority of peeling was to have happened yesterday and today. So far I only have a small bit of peeling around my nose and mouth. Not sure what to do if the other areas don't peel at all. Brochure said frosting i

  13. I am well. Bummed about the job. :( I don't think it worked since it is day 3 and my face isn't doing much of anything. No peeling or redness. Just very dry, tight, and leathery textured. It is weird. I expected more.

  14. Just checking in with you to see how you are doing. What's up? I am supposed to be recovering from a chemical peel I applied last night. I don't think it worked. :(

  15. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and for sharing your experience with the peel. I started a blog on my page to keep a journal of my experience with my peel so I know for future peels what worked and what didn't. Feel free to check it out and comment if you would like.