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  1. I think i agree with you. When i am home i tend to drink coffee with lots of milk. When i am out of the house or doing something away from home, my skin is less oily. Im surprised as i was thinking this just yesterday. I also tried vitamin d3. My skin was much oiler at start but i never continued with it for more than a week and a half, i may try it again and see how it works out. Im on lemon capsules at the moment and my skin has become oily throughout the day from when i since showered. I
  2. Hey, No, lemon juice is taken orally. I mean as a drink. The link i posted was for lemon powder tablets which for me is helping - to what i think so far. I feel a little less oily. But i plan on giving it a go for a month and see whether it changes or reduces the production of oil completely. You really never know. Honestly, think about it in say cures or chemicals or medications being accepted or rejected by the body for patients being healed by medicines, basic ones or very complex or how
  3. Has anyone tried this for there oily skin? Reason why is because I know half a squeeze of lemon every second day in a glass of water helped my oily skin. Im willing to try it. When i do i will post results. Lemon Powder 100 grams [Edited link out]
  4. Oratane 2.5mg I will ask my dermatologist, though I was wondering in advance, can it be purchased? What is the lowest dosage you can take orally? Thanks.
  5. My tips: Really good sleep - reduces the production of oil the next day Short showers - less time in the shower the better, 3 - 5 mins - try for less minutes the better Cool to warm showers - NO HOT showers Shower gels - NO SOAPS (When i was at the Dermatologist last, the lady was brilliant and really nice. I was given samples of Neutrogena Oily skin wash - i changed to other shower gels after a year, the smell of it was very frustrating after a while) Physical activity/exercise/being
  6. Has anyone tried it? I just applied Aloe Vera gel on my skin, and im feeling pretty good to tell you the truth. I find that if i don't do physical activity i get oily skin. Im thinking its because im doing something physical, I'm out in the sun, or (which you may think is weird but) my breathing, im actually taking in more oxygen into my body. If i am home the whole day i notice oily skin the most i tell ya, so it's a factor of those three things which reduce it. Though I found this,
  7. heyy Ash, whats goin on?

    Im hoping everything is going well and that all is well! take care hun, keep at it, and all will be good! :)

  8. Hey, I don't have anything too much too say on this topic, but differentiating between oil and sweat is important, especially if you are seeing a doctor/Dermatologist for your skin. My skin produces oil, and maybe a lot but more so all the time and constantly, and it doesn't stop. Antiperspirant is like how everyone has been saying for sweat, and I actually use the anti-antiperspirant roll-on, as a friend of mine gave me some which i was thankful for, as i don't use deodorant anymore, it si
  9. hey now, Can you guys relax a bit and show some maturity, especially on the forums. Reasoning and rationalizing things are good way of coming up with ideas to battle oily skin, and if we were all the same then there would be one cure for all. ALSO there wouldn't be so much debate, everyone would be dealing with it in the same way, and that people would not be having theories, but everyone's body makeup IS different and people react to different things in different ways. It's stressful enough
  10. Try half a lemon squeezed in a glass of water - possibly try a little more in your case, 1 day on, 1 day off, give it a go for two weeks and see if it makes a difference, but be super sensitive to how your skin is and pay attention. This may sound a bit like an old wives tale but it works for me, i have been doing it for a while/but except for recently which i know i have a complain about things, but i hope to get back into it, the taste is awful first thing in the morning but like it's worth a
  11. Im 25, I have had oily skin for the last 12-13 years, it's been very troublesome and has had the best of me in those last 12 or so years, during high school especially. I really want to try to find sometihng that will be applied once daily on the skin and will make the oil not stress me out throughout the day, especially through cold seasons. Getting less sleep is a factor in contributing to my skin producing lots of oil throughout the next day. Going out, having fun, being able to not feel s
  12. Try showering 3 times a day, it's what i do on days which i feel im at my worst and can't deal with the oil from chest upwards. Lucky it's only your face producing oil!!! But considering moving to a climate where it's warmer, is what has crossed my mind a few times! Good luck with finding something either way!
  13. Things i have tried: I will start off from what i recall from POWDERS and LOTIONS: Baby PowderTalcon PowderBaby lotionCurash washCurash powderHydraderm Lotion WASHES QV wash - it leaves the skin feeling moisturized, yet after a little while it loses its effect i foundDermaveen 5.5 - also leaves the skin feeling supple, but not for too long after showeringSqueeze of lemon - leaves the skin feeling sticky SOAPS Glycerine soap - worked a little, but not a lotSapoderm - It cleans really well,
  14. Has anyone come across anything that works? Now that winter is approaching i need some kind off temporary fix, something that will work daily. I can't stand it when it is winter, it stresses me out the oily skin! :/ If anyone has feedback i would be happy. I will definitely post up a list of things i have tried and that have not worked soon, i have made a list of everything i have given a go, but will find the list in the coming days hopefully.