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  1. Hey, Just wondering if this is a problem for other people. I have very mild acne. Not really a problem. My main goal is to have some sort of routine that I can do morning/night and not have to worry about during the day. By the way, I just started getting acne this past year. I didn't use anything differently at first, and I would like to be able to live normally like before. That means I'll be camping some, sports, school, whatever. So far the regimen is working I guess, but whenever I put o
  2. Hey, I just want to throw in my 2 cents. I am an American exchange student living in Germany. I am 16, male, and am very busy with lots of stress, sports, and women at home in America. In Germany, I am completely on vacation. It's like yoga, I haven't though about anything to hard, and I really don't even have to do homework or anything because it doesn't count for me when I get home. (Leave it to the people who call themselves "educators", in American public systems.) Anyway, as soon as I ar