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  1. I thought I would resurrect this thread. Im acne free. Not because of Ishtar... not because of any crazy acids (well the azelaic helped a lot) But, because I decided to take Cod Liver Oil capsules every night. I get the odd pimple here and there, but so far, im cured. The sun we've been having as of late has really helped too! Sam
  2. Yes it should get better, I dont recall 'purging' badly, just got a few pimples from the irritation of a new product. Azelaic Acid is good, not as harsh as BP and certainly worth a punt. Give it a week or so more and see how you get on with the AHA.
  3. Aye man stick to it... If this doesnt work after a few more weeks, im going to try just using the Azelaic Acid, and wash my face with just water. Sometimes I think cleansers irritate me, so far I think its been okay with the mandelic stuff though!!
  4. Everything is worth a shot buddy, ive been touching my face a lot less during the day recently, and its gotten a bit better. Also might be the fact im drinking 20L of water a day, a shit load of fruit and having healthy lunches!! Cod liver oil could be helping too. Fingers crossed.
  5. Erm, same as the DK regimen really, about 20 seconds i'd say. Scared if I leave it on too long, it will irritate my skin. Yeah I apply to the whole face most of the time, I only get the odd small pimple on my head every now and again, got long (ish) hair which covers it anyway!! bit of an odd side note..! My gf is very understanding when it comes to my skin, although she doesnt really appreciate it when I wont let her kiss my face because is smothered in acid! haha
  6. Stick with the Cleanser, will certainly help, keep us posted with the results! I use it every morning and night, dries me out a bit, but I dont mind, after about an hour or so, my face balances it with some oils!!!
  7. Erm, not really, I think I was getting the odd one here and there.... I will always give a new product a few weeks before I decide whether to keep using or not. Last night, after searching the net I found a mask which was supposed to be great for fading scar's. It was, Honey, Nutmeg (Powdered) and Lemon Juice. I added a bit of tea tree oil too. Left it on for about an hour or so. And my skin feels amazing, the red marks look far less obvious than before! yipeee!
  8. ahh good stuff. I will buy there SPF soon then, before summer comes....!
  9. Yeah bring the sunshine!! Just a bit worried, ive spent all winter stripping my face with Acid. My skin will be so tender in the sun!!!!!!
  10. sounds interesting...! Got a red one on my chin at the minute, it better fade fast, doing my head in. Got a stressful week ahead too... great!
  11. bad times. Ive currently got a Manuka Honey face mask on, Manuka Honey, Pure English Honey, Lemon Juice and Tea Trea Oil. Its been on for about 1 hour and a half. Going to remove it in 30! The honey worked wonders some time ago, heals breakouts fast, and leaves skin feeling top!
  12. Mine has took a turn for the worse today, 1 or two pimples appeared. Which I have just picked... damn it. I started taking cod liver oil a couple of days ago, so im wondering if thats the cause?! Going to give it a good old mandelic cleanse and put some Az on in a second. I hate it when your skin starts doing so well, to the point its pretty much clear. Then two or three pimples with white heads come along and ruin everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The photos which I have seen of you, your skin looks quite good?
  14. Erm, I think when you have a lot of pimples and active acne, you focus all of your thoughts to getting rid of them, and you are always looking at them. When they start to clear and you think you've controlled them, you start looking at other defects. If im being honest the DK regimen, with BP, made my skin worse, I didnt used to get red marks at all around my temples but now I have a lot, i never used to get spots around my jawline either.... and all of a sudden they came from using the BP!!!!
  15. To be honest if i get the odd flake here and there, and I know its completely dead skin I will pick it off carefully with tweezers. I dont exfoliate, last night, I did the Jojoba oil style, where you get about 10-12 drops of pupe Jojoba and rub it in to your face, not very hard but enough for you rub it deep in to the skin. Any flakes or dead skin comes off from the friction with this. And leaves the skin feeling fresh. My face is 95% clear at the min, whatever pimples are there seem to be fad