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  1. Yeah, I had the same problem. Living in Australia postage costs on top of the cost of the regimen products made it pretty expensive. I use 'Dove Beauty Bar' as a cleanser, 2.5% or 4% BP (from any chemist) and Cetaphil moisturizer. Depending on where you live, you will have to look around and see what's available to you. Also you can buy supplements like zinc and fish oil relatively cheap and they've helped me a lot. Fish oil helps reduce redness and zinc will help breakouts clear up faster.
  2. Welcome to acne.org cutey ^^ Be sure to ask on the forums for any advice!

    1. People in stores wont tell you the bad things about products. People selling dodgy meals at food courts wont tell you what horrible hygiene they have. And almost everyone has bought something online. How do you know it's what they say it is when you get it in the post? You'll just have to try it and find out. Like everything else.
    2. I use the same one. It's always been greasy. I know in Dan's videos he says to use tons to cover your face, but I try to use as little as I need to. It works for me though. I don't really know any alternatives for where I live.
    3. I was reading around the website today and saw this said Nodules can "sometimes leave an impaction behind, which can flare again and again." I think this may be what you have have, because i had something similar to what you describe (in the same area). If you are on the regimen be sure to treat this area, but also try not to touch it much as you don't want it to get any worse. I found that changing my pillow cases and towels weekly helped it to go away quicker. Hope you find a solution.
    4. Ok thanks. I've decided maybe the peels in the link you provided would be my best bet, as they are only skin level markings. Hopefully this works, if not you've given me plenty of other options. Thanks
    5. I read the types of acne page and found out that i used to have 'nodules' a few years ago. They used to appear on my cheeks, one or two on each side. But i remember the nodules used to come back and back again over years, and now that it's gone it's left red marks all over the side of my face. They aren't bumps of any kind, they are flat, but it looks like i still have acne when really, it's all gone. I'm just wondering... how do you get rid of them?? Any help is very appreciated.